Your scrap van and the environment

When your cherished vehicle reaches the end of its useful life and needs scrapping, not many owners or firms will consider their scrap van and its impact on the environment.

If you haven’t scrapped a vehicle in recent years, then you may not be aware that the laws for scrapping a van have become tighter and one reason for this is for environmental protection.

That’s because your van contains harmful oils and fluids that can contaminate the environment if not disposed of properly. This is a particular problem for those who decide to dump their van on the roadside or on a verge where it will fall into disrepair or be vandalised.

The aim of the new laws is for authorised treatment facilities, which are scrap yards monitored and licensed by the Environment Agency, to take care of these issues.

Van scrap yard will remove the oils and fluids

For example, the van scrap yard will remove the oils and fluids and dispose of them carefully so they will not harm the environment.

In addition, the facility will also strip the van of plastics and metals which can be recycled either for use in other vehicles or to be used for other purposes.

The plastics from vans can be used in anything from clothes to toys while tyres can be shredded and used for protecting the surface of a playground.

While this issue of vans and the environment may not be of much concern to you, it’s important that you avoid an unauthorised scrap yard because you run the risk of a hefty financial penalty for not disposing of your van correctly.

Scrap your van for cash

Essentially, the authorised treatment facility is the only scrapyard that can issue a certificate of destruction which is proof that you are no longer the legal owner of your vehicle and it’s been disposed of legally when you scrap your van for cash.

Not having this certificate means that should the van be used after you’ve accepted cash for it then you will remain liable. And you face the prospect of the financial fine.

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