Why London firms should use Scrap A Van

If you are a small business owner needing to travel into the centre of the capital regularly with an older van, then it may become an expensive undertaking and you should contact Scrap A Van if you want to scrap a van safely and legally.

That’s because the ultra low emission zone (Ulez) takes effect from 8 April and you will need to pay extra if your van doesn’t meet the requirements of the scheme which is there to help improve air quality.

So, in addition to paying the congestion charge, for those driving into the centre of London will also need to pay an extra fee because your old diesel van may not comply with the Euro6 emissions standard.

In total, small firms will need to pay £24 a day and if they don’t then they face a £160 penalty. You can check online as to whether your vehicle will need to pay the Ulez charge at the Transport for London site.

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Earn the best scrap price

Not every small business will be willing to pay the extra money and if your van does not comply with the new criteria, then it’s time to consider scrapping it and earn the best scrap price when doing so. The scrap money you earn may be more than you expect and will help your firm’s investment in a new or newer diesel van or electric vehicle.

If you want to scrap your van, then you need to contact the friendly team at Scrap a Van who can arrange for an agent to pick up your unwanted vehicle at a time that is convenient to you. They will also pay the money straight into your account when doing so.

In addition, Scrap a Van will ensure that your vehicle will be recycled effectively and be depolluted so there are no harmful fluids harming our environment.

On top of this, they will also recycle the engine wherever possible as these engines are needed to help meet demand from overseas buyers who are keen buyers of them.

Scrapping a van for the best scrap price

For more help and information about scrapping a van for the best scrap price and to avoid the Ulez charge, then it is time to contact the friendly team at Scrap a Van on (01204) 388488.