Who pays the most for MOT failure vans near me?

Has your van failed its MOT?

Will it cost more to repair than it’s worth?

Have you decided the sensible option would be to scrap it?

Are you thinking, “where can I sell my MOT failure van near me?”

Then look no further than Scrap A Van! We are the team for anyone who wants to scrap or sell their MOT failure van.

Your van may be deemed pretty worthless to you, but we could still find plenty of use for it.

Usually there will be parts that can go on and be useful in other vans, you see.

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So if you’ve been wondering, “who pays the most for MOT failure vans near me?” that would be us!

Scrap A Van don’t just buy in MOT failure vans either. We buy damaged vans and we buy high mileage vans. So if you have a work van that’s done the rounds and has clocked up the miles, don’t worry. Scrap A Van want to hear from you. 

We buy all makes and model of van. From Vauxhall Vivaro to Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. 


We also buy campervans too, so if you want to “sell a MOT failure camper van near me”, for example – speak to us!

You can call us on 01204 323106 and get a quote over the phone or you can simply types in a few details online.

The great news is Scrap A Van can usually collect your van on the same day you contact us. We ensure a fast and furious no fuss sale, so you can sit back relax and carry on with your day. 

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Scrap A Van serves the whole of the North West so we will literally buy your van from anywhere in the region.

Runner or non-runner, speak to us about selling a van today.


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And if you’re looking for van parts, let Scrap A Van help.

We break hundreds of vans and therefore we can reuse components that are still in good working order.

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All areas of the North West covered, so what are you waiting for!

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And if you want to scrap a car – check out The Scrappers who will sort you right out. Happy days!