Who Pays Most Money For Vans?

THE rise in van demand is staggering.

In 2019 there was around 3.9 million commercial vans on the road and a 19 per cent increase in new registrations according to official figures.

The huge rise demonstrating how much the nation relies on delivery drivers. 

This past 12 months we can expect to see an even further increase as demand has never been as high.

With the high streets all but closed and online shopping rife, expect more delivery vans using Britain’s roads more than ever. 

And at Scrap A Van our aim is to keep those vans on the road, especially the ones that have been in use for a while.

That’s because we are your go-to store for all quality used van parts.

We buy any vans, from scrap vans to vans that people want to sell and we break down these vans for parts that are then used in other vans. How vanderful is that!


Our van buying prices are competitive, we often have the edge on the amount we can offer you. So if you want to scrap a van and get the best going rate, we’re the team for you.

If you’re thinking, “who pays most money for vans?” Scrap A Van can!

We will buy any van in any condition, and that really does mean any van.

If you’re wondering, “who buys accident damaged vans?” that’ll be us!

You might be thinking “where can I sell my MOT failure van?” that would be us again.

Your van may not run, it could have been parked on your driveway or in your garage for donkey’s years, that doesn’t matter to us as we will buy any van.

And just to clarify, it’s not just delivery vans we’re after. We will buy work vans, we will buy burger vans, we will buy ice cream vans, we will buy pickup trucks, large trucks, lorries, plant vehicles. The lot!


Some come on all you van owners who want to sell a van today. Get in touch with Scrap A Van and enjoy a fuss free, quick and easy sale of your vehicle today. 

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So take adVANtage of our great prices for scrap vans and for selling vans.

Don’t delay, call Scrap A Van today!! 

Remember too, if you’re a van owner who wants to keep their van on the road then why not speak to us about spare van parts. 

We are constantly adding to our van parts stock, offering customers quality used van parts for a fraction of the price of new. 

Why not give us a call and find out if we have the van part you need in stock? Our team will gladly source it for you.

Get in touch today and see what we can offer you.

And if you are ready to part with your van, give us a call too. We are open seven days a week and look forward to hearing from you!

To scrap a car contact this friendly team at The Scrappers.