Who buys old vans near me?

Do you own an old van? Have you ever wondered who buys old vans?

More to the point, have you ever wondered, “who buys old vans near me?”

Or perhaps you’ve been asking yourself, “where can I sell my old van near me?”

If that’s the case, you need to contact Scrap A Van.

Scrap A Van pays the highest rates for olds vans.

But not just vans that are clocking on a bit, vans that have been damaged in an accident or left on the drive to rot.

Perhaps they have been battered around and used tirelessly for work purposes.

When it comes to scrapping a van or selling a van, speak to Scrap A Van.

They are a friendly company based in Bolton who buys vans from all over the North West region.

And because they can often recycle parts of an old van, they are able to offer the best prices for your old van.

So if you’ve been searching to, “sell my old van Manchester”, fro example, give Scrap A Van a call.

Simply dial 01204 323106 and speak to a van enthusiast – a Scrap A Van team member in other words!

You’ll get an honest opinion and no obligation quote. Another option for those tech fans out there is to get a quote for your old van online. You only need to type in a few basics and Scrap A Van will do the rest.

From Vivaro vans, to Sprinter vans, Ford Transit vans to Peugeot Boxer vans. Scrap A Van will buy any van.


So if you’re wondering, “can I get money for my old van?” absolutely you can!

If you’ve been asking yourself, “where is the best place to sell a van?” get in touch today.

And if you’re wondering, “what’s the best way to sell my van?” you know the drill by now!

So don’t delay, call Scrap A Van today and get the best price for your old van! 

Call 01204 323106.

And if you have scrap metal to sell why not contact JAW Metals. They pay the going rate for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Checking the metal value market daily, you can be sure you will get a fast and fair price for your scrap metal.

Why not visit their website by clicking here and see for yourself.

Providing you have at least 1KG of metal to sell, JAW Metals is buying!