Where is the best place to scrap a van near me?

WHAT do you call a place where all of end of life vans go? heaVAN of course!

Actually, the pearly gates for all scrap vans should be Scrap A Van – a place where all vans are welcomed with open arms.

From accidents damaged vans to high mileage vans, MOT failure vans to vans that have run out of vroom – Scrap A Van in Bolton will take any van no matter where you’re based.

We have the drivers and the kit to pick up vans all over the North West and beyond.

For example, you might be thinking: “what’s the best way to scrap my van Manchester”. Let Scrap A Van answer that; it’s us! Or you might be wondering, “where can I scrap my van Bolton?” that would be us! You might be wondering, “where can I scrap my van Bury?” or “who takes scrap vans Bolton?” Again think of Scrap A Van. You may even wonder, “where is the best place to scrap a van near me.” All those thoughts and questions are so darn simple to answer – Scrap A Van, of course!

We buy any van, not just a van for scrap either. If you have a van to sell, we will buy it from you. Big vans, small vans, in-between-sized vans, work vans, camper vans –  even ice cream vans. Yes we’ll take the lot with ice cream or not! 

There simply isn’t a van we’d snub, because every van is special in its own way. No matter what condition it comes to us we will want it. We’ve had vans in the past that have been let to rot in barns for years. And we’ve had one sitting idly on driveways falling to pieces because their owner hasn’t known what to do or where to go. 


But at Scrap A Van we will break down a van and use its parts that are still in good working order. That could be anything from an engine to steering wheel. 

Every time we break a van we add to our stock of used van parts which will help keep other vans on the road. And right now, vans, especially delivery vans have never been more in demand.

Next time you’re near a busy road have a look at the types of vehicles driving about, chances are the majority will be work vans and delivery vans.

Scrap A Van takes great pride in being to help all the hard working delivery guys and workers. Like builders who rely on vans to get about. That’s why quality second hand van parts help keep the nation moving forward. Replacement parts also save money in the process. And we are playing a great part in the recycling chain when we buy nearly new instead of new. 

So when you scrap or sell a van to Scrap A Van remember that you are actually helping to reduce your carbon footprint. You are also helping someone else to get back on the road. 

So if you’re looking to, ‘sell a Berlingo today”, “sell my for Ford Transit today” or simply you’re wondering, “who will buy my van today?” then look no further, because Scrap A Van are here to buy your van today. Call 01204 323106. 

Scrap A Van, the heaVANly way!

Or why not scrap your car with The Scrappers.