Where can I sell my pickup truck Manchester for best price?

Are you the owner of a pick up? Would you like to tell it to truck off – for a great price?

Then you need to contact the team at Scrap A Van.

Scrap A Van will buy your pickup truck from you and give you a hearty price for it too.

If you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell my pickup truck Manchester for best price?” then you need to speak to us.

We might be called Scrap A Van, but we buy any van, truck or lorry running or none running.

And because we can often recycle some of the parts of a truck or van, we are able to offer a better deal for your wheels than our competitors. 

We are leading buyers of trucks in the North West, so no matter where you are in the region, we’ll come and collect your truck for free. 

So you might want to, “sell my pickup truck Wilmslow”, contact Scrap A Van.

You may want to sell a pickup Bury way, talk to us.

You may want to sell a Ford Ranger Manchester way, speak to us. Or sell a Ford Ranger Bury way, talk to Scrap A Van. You may want to sell a Mitsubishi L200 Manchester way. Or perhaps you wish to sell a Mercedes-Benz X Class truck Manchester way.

These are just examples of the kinds of trucks we are looking out for.

In reality, we are after any van, truck or lorry. We also buy plant machinery too and the means to collect hefty plants so you needn’t worry about the logistics.

So if you’ve been wondering, “who buys plants near me?” that would be Scrap A Van. 

And even though we have ‘scrap’ in our title, we’re after running van and trucks too. 


We buy any make and model, any year, damaged, Mot failures, high mileage too. You name it, we will buy it. 

And because we are sure keen on salvaging components of a van or truck that still work we are able to offer that but more.

You can even get a quote for your pickup truck, lorry, van, plant, whatever in seconds. 

Put a few details in and we’ll do the rest. And if you like our offer, there’s a great chance we can come and collect your vehicle on the same day as an agreed sale. 

Plus we can handle all the DVLA paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

So why not call Scrap A Van today on 01204 323106 or contact us via our website

We’ll pickup your pickup and get you a great deal.

Scrap A Van – we buy any van, truck, lorry to plant. Best prices paid. 

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