Where Can I Scrap My Van?

PICTURE the scene; you wake up and you’ve decided that today is the day – “where can I scrap my van?”

You’ve had enough of the old girl, perhaps she no longer drives. Maybe she’s rotting with rust and it’s the end of the road for you both..

You’re chucking good money after bad or she’s gone and dropped a right clanger and failed her MOT test tragically.

Don’t worry, you can get shut in no time at all with Scrap A Van.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, Scrap A Van will take back your van from you.

That includes Sundays too, so if you’re wondering; “can I scrap my van on a Sunday?” of course you can as we’ve always been open seven days a week. 

On the other hand, your van might not have given top the ghost just yet..

Your van might not be ready for the scrap heap, but you have a van to sell instead.

Well, if you’re thinking, “sell my van Bolton way” then look right here, as we buy vans for sale too!


Scrap A Van wants every van imaginable, we will say yes to the lot!

You might be thinking, “why on earth would Scrap A Van want any van?” The answer is straightforward – because we buy any van. Any make, any model, any age. We ain’t a picky bunch, every van is good to us, including accident damage vans.  

And we are constantly adding to our van parts portfolio which enables other vans to stay on the road, that’s why we need vans to come in all the time. And we don’t care what make or model of van either. Work vans, leisure vans, camper vans, buses, pickup trucks, plant vehicles – yes buddy we take the biggies on too. 


If you have a crane you want to sell, for example, or some ten tonne Tessa steam roller, don’t you worry we’ll take it off your hands.

We have the means and ways and the kit to come and collect your heavy load. We’ve got big collection trucks which are capable of collecting pretty much any kind of plant, so if you’re finally ready to get shut of that rusty old tractor in your barn – pick up the phone now and sell us your tractor now!! 

We really do buy any van and any big vehicle, so why not guarantee yourself a sale today!

You don’t have to be based in Bolton to sell your van, you can be based anywhere in the North West and beyond. We have a team of reliable collection agents at the ready to take your vehicle. Collection is free too, so what are you waiting for?! 

Give us a call on 01204 323106 or use our van valuator and get an instant quote today.

And if you want to sell any car contact Any Car Bought For Cash right here.