Where can I scrap my damaged Caddy?

Are you the owner of a VW Caddy?

Have you decided it’s time to get shut?

Maybe it’s a damaged Caddy and you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my damaged Caddy?” Or you could be thinking, “who will buy my damaged Caddy?”

Then you need to speak to Scrap A Van. We will buy your damaged Caddy from you.

If you want to scrap a Caddy today, then speak to us. Or if you want to sell a Caddy today give us a shout. We buy running and non-running VW Caddy vans. 

If you want to know, “who will buy my VW Caddy van?” The answer is Scrap A Van.

Scrap A Van will buy any make or model of van, so not just Caddy vans. You might want to sell a damaged Mercedes Sprinter Manchester way, for example. That’s music to our van loving ears.


You might want to scrap a Ford Ranger Manchester way, great stuff. We are the team for you!

Hopefully you get the gist, that if you’re selling a van, Scrap A Van is buying. It doesn;t matter if it’s in terrible nick or in pristine condition.

All vans are welcomed with open arms at Scrap A Van.

So if you want to sell a battered Berlingo or sell a used Berlingo Manchester way – great we are interested.

And if you have a camper van to sell we are equally interested too. You can scrap a work van with Scrap A Van and you can sell a camper van with Scrap A Van – any van will do!

So if it’s a van of any type, Scrap A Van will be keen to buy.

You may have an accident damaged van, for example, and want to sell an accident damaged van Manchester way.


Fantastic news for us, we will buy your van. Our van scrapping yard is in Bolton and we cover the north west region. We can even send a driver out to you to collect your van. So if you want to sell a Berlingo Blackpool – we’ll take that beauty off your hands. 

If you want to scrap a Caddy in Cheshire – brilliant we’ll be there. Or if you want to scrap a Sprinter in Stockport – we’ve got you!

Scrap to sell any van with Scrap A Van today and get the best price for your scrap van. 

Call 01204 323106 or go online and get an estimate for your van. Our team will be ready to hear from you. 

So don’t delay, get the best pay for your van today with Scrap A Van.

Call us on 01204 323106 and let’s talk vans.

Remember, they won’t be beaten on price. Give the Scrap A Van team a shout today. 

And if you have a car to scrap then why not speak to The Scrappers. Best prices paid for scrap cars in the North West. Car collection available too. Go on, make your day, contact The Scrapper and get the best price for a scrap vehicle.