Where can I buy cheap van engines and van parts?

At Scrap A Van we take pride in following End of Life Vehicle Regulations put in place to ensure every scrap van is treated in this safe manner.

De-pollution involves taking out any components in a van that could be hazardous to health. 

So, we’re talking fluids like petrol, oil and antifreeze. 

All these kinds of waste materials have to be accounted for under strict government guidelines.

And only an authorised treatment facility like Scrap A Van is certified to carry out this critical procedure. 

After de-pop, your scrap van is dismantled, this includes removing the engine, gearbox, interior paneling, lights, wing mirror, etc. Basically anything that can be reused is whipped out. 


Then any van parts that are in good working order are used to become affordable used van parts in Bolton and nationwide for other vans. This means Scrap A van Bolton is a major player when it comes to recycling van parts. And we can also ship parts to you no matter where you’re located. 

So if you’re looking for a new van engine for example, you can find brilliant used quality van engines for sale. Scrap A Van have so many van engines for sale UK wide we can help you in your van engine quest. And even on a worldwide scale as we are global van engines exporters.

We  don’t just have van engines either, we have car engines for sale too. So if you’ve been wondering, “where can I buy cheap van engines and van parts?” Contact Scrap A Van!

You might be looking for a 3.5l ecoboost engine for sale. Or perhaps you’re after a rebuilt engine. You might need 2nd hand van engines, cheap Mercedes van engines, refurbished engines or reconditioned engines for sale. You could be on the hunt for used truck engines for sale, cheap v6 engines or incline 5 engine for sale. With Scrap A Van the list is endless.


You can buy a used Vauxhall Vivaro engine if you’re looking for one, just come and talk to Scrap A Van and tell us what you need.

And of course that means we also need to buy in more used vans. So sell or scrap your van with Scrap A Van today.

Give us a shout on 01204 323104 or go online and get your van evaluated in seconds.

And if you want to sell any scrap metal then why not contact JAW Metals. They pay the best prices going for all grades of scrap metal. A family run business you can trust.