We Buy Any Van

WHAT do you call a good looking van? VANdsome!

What do you call an ugly past its sell by date van? You call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106!

When the time arrives to bid that old van of yours goodbye you’ll get a good buy from us too – in the form of a big fat wholesome payout.

Scrap A Van knows how to handle old vans and appreciate their everlasting value even when their owners are done with them.

And it’s all because we can reuse parts of your scrap van in other vans keeping the wheels turning for longer. It’s also why you’ll get a better payout from Scrap A Van than any other van scrap firm in Bolton or beyond.

We buy any van, any van at all. From big to small and in between sizes too.

Scrap my Ford Transit or sell my Ford Transit may have been the first thought that popped into your head today and guess what… vans are the first thought we have in the morning too!

You may have any type of work van to scrap from a Berlingo to a Vauxhall Vivaro commercial van.

Or you may have enjoyed a camper van for many a year but now feel it’s no longer useful and you wish to sell it.


They needn’t be a whole heap of stress selling or scrapping a van in Bolton or further afield. The whole task can be completed within a day, usually only in a few hours in fact.

A really convenient way to find out your van’s value immediately is through our valuator on our website.

And did you know that we can offer a free van collection service – how mint is that?! So, you’re not only getting the best payout for a van Bolton or within a 50 mile radius, but free collection of your van too. What a belting service we hear you say!

In other words, you may have had a takeaway van – but we can take away your van too!

Sell or scrap any kind of van with Scrap A Van and we’ll deliver the best service around.

And should you be on the lookout for van parts in Bolton or you’d like to use our van parts shipping service because we sell van parts online. Just drop us a line. Call us on 01204 323106 – our Scrap A Van team will only be too glad to help. 


Scrap A Van is an ATF plant which means we are authorised to deal with van dismantling and scrapping. All this happens while ensuring the environment is protected. Only ATFs can assure you of this, so please be careful when you choose to scrap your van.

We handle all the potentially toxic elements and depollute your van. Then we take it to pieces bit by bit and salvage the parts that can be used again.

The rest will be treated to a shredding and a grabbing by our grabbing machine. Next the scrap metal is taken to a recycling plant to be turned into something awesome and useful. 

How cool is that! 

So if you want to scrap a van choose Scrap A Van – the North West’s leading van scrapyard.

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