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London’s ultra low emission zone (Ulez) has the aim of improving air quality but it means that the owners of older, polluting vehicles will have to pay more to drive into the centre of the capital because of the Ulez van charge.

In addition to the congestion charge, for those vans that do not meet the Euro6 criteria (or Euro4 if your van has a petrol engine), then there’s an additional fee, so you’ll need to fork out £24 every time you enter the zone.

If you don’t do this, then there’s the prospect of a £160 a day find being levied, which means a trip into London for a small business can be very expensive indeed. To avoid the financial pain of receiving a fine, you can check whether your van needs to pay the Ulez charge on the Transport for London website.

There’s no doubt that lots of small firms, and even larger concerns, will find the extra costs too expensive and they’ll be looking to invest in a newer, less polluting vehicle.

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Scrap your current van

If you and your business want to invest in a new vehicle and need to scrap your current van – or fleet of vans – then it’s time to contact Scrap a Van.

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Since many business owners may have been too busy to appreciate the impact of Ulez and the fact they need less polluting vehicles may come as an unwanted surprise.

If you need to act quickly and want access to the best scrap van prices – and have a professional remove your unwanted vehicles as quickly as possible – then Scrap a Van are capable of doing this.

It also brings peace of mind that you will be dealing with a reputable firm that is monitored by the Environment Agency so your old van will be depolluted properly so no harmful oils or fluids will damage our environment.

In addition, most of the van will then be recycled, including the engine which may be sent overseas to buyers wanting quality used engines. The plastics, glass and tyres will also be recycled and may be used for other purposes, for example, shredding the tyres will make protective playground surfaces.

The best scrap van prices in London

For peace of mind and to get access to the best scrap van prices in London, then you need to speak with the experts at Scrap a Van who will offer the best deal and pick up your van.

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