Use Scrap A Van to scrap my van near me

Impressed by what you may have heard about the Scrap A Van offer to pay the best price for your scrap van but worried that they only operate in the North West of England? Then you need to be reassured that when you need to scrap my van near me, they can help you too.

That’s because the team have built-up a network of agents who can help you wherever you are in the country.

This means you can find a price for when you want to ‘scrap my van’ by using the online quoting form or by simply calling the team and then arranging for your van to be picked up.

More importantly, unlike other scrap yards, the time for picking up your scrap van will be convenient for you, regardless of where the van might be.

Where to scrap my van
Scrapping your van shouldn’t be difficult – use Scrap A Van to find out where and how.

Scrap your van for cash

When you want to scrap your van for cash It could be that your van is at your home or place of work or if it’s failed its MOT and can’t be driven legally on the roads, then we can pick it up at the garage or another location.

And when the price has been agreed, it will be paid directly into your bank account when your van is picked up.

That’s a great relief for many van owners and you will receive a certificate of destruction which is the legal proof necessary that your van has been disposed of in a legal way.

There are two issues you need to appreciate when scrapping a van in the UK and they are:

  • When dealing with a scrap yard, they cannot pay you in cash any more as this is illegal and you must be paid into a bank account or by cheque
  • You can only get a certificate of destruction from an authorised treatment facility, which is what the Scrap A Van team offer.

Failure to appreciate either of these points could lead to you making a big financial mistake.

Ford Transit scrap yard near me

The reason why you need to use an authorised treatment facility – even if you are searching for a Ford Transit scrap yard near me – is that these are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the laws on scrapping vehicles are being complied with and no harm is being done to our environment.

This means that the harmful oils, as well as the battery, will be carefully removed and then disposed of and any spare van parts will be recycled.

It’s for the sale of these van parts that helps the Scrap A Van team offer the best prices because there’s growing demand from customers and the firm has a need to meet this.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so when you want to earn the best price and want to scrap my van near me, then you should speak with the friendly Scrap A Van team today on (01204) 323106.