Tips to scrap your van for cash

If you would like help and advice about how you can scrap your van for cash, then the Scrap A Van team are keen to help.

Essentially, Scrap A Van will scrap any type of van, regardless of its condition and pay the best price when doing so.

In addition, the team also offers a free scrap van collection wherever you are in the country and will endeavour to give you the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

However, not all vans are worth the same in scrap since prices are calculated in the same way as they are for other scrap vehicles, including cars and bikes.

How much your scrap van is worth

scrap my van near me
The Scrap A Van team offer a network to help those wanting to ‘scrap my van near me’. Call us on 01204 323106.

Understanding how much your scrap van is worth to Scrap A Van may also mean you are surprised to find that it’s probably worth more than you believe.

Any scrap yard for scrapping vans will take into account its make and model and the kerb weight.

Also, the mechanical condition and the location of the van to be scrapped will play a part in the quote.

Essentially, the heavier a scrap van is, the more it will be worth in scrap metal terms.

Also, if it’s easy to get to and doesn’t require a long journey by one of the Scrap A Van network of agents, then this will increase the value.

Getting the best price when scrapping a van

There are other tips for getting the best price when scrapping a van and these include:

  • Prove that you own the van
  • Be honest about its condition, including any accident damage
  • Contact various van scrapping firms for quotes.

It’s important to appreciate that you really should use an authorised treatment facility, such as Scrap A Van since they can issue a certificate of destruction which proves that you have legally and responsibly disposed of your unwanted van.

The team is looking for accident damaged vans and also MOT failures, insurance write-offs and vans that have reached the end of their life.

For more help and advice to scrap your van for cash, then you need to speak with the friendly team at Scrap A Van today on 01204 323106.