The fastest way to ‘scrap a van near me’ REVEALED!

If you search using ‘scrap a van near me’, then it will return lots of potential scrap yards trying to attract you as a customer.

But which of these will offer the best price and which one should you focus on?

That’s a good question since you’ll want to earn the best scrap van prices UK for your unwanted van and ensure you comply with the law.

This is not always so obvious, which is why you should contact the Scrap A Van team to see how much your van is worth.

There is an online scrap van calculator tool to find out quickly, or you could simply telephone the friendly team and ask how much they will pay.

Where to scrap my van
Scrapping your van shouldn’t be difficult – use Scrap A Van to find out where and how.

Scrap your van for cash

This issue of paying leads us onto those who want to scrap your van for cash and spend the money on a new van.

It’s important that you understand that a scrap yard cannot legally pay you cash for your van and must instead pay directly into your bank account.

If you are dealing with a scrap yard offering to pay money when you want to scrap my van, then you need to check whether they are an authorised treatment facility.

It’s unlikely because the facilities are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that your unwanted scrap van is depolluted properly without causing any pollution.

Also, and this is very important, only an authorised treatment facility can give you a certificate of destruction which offers the legal proof that DVLA will be looking for that you have disposed of your van properly.

Van breakers yards near me

So, when searching for van breakers yards near me, you should be wary and only focus on those who are reputable and are authorised treatment facilities.

Fortunately, the Scrap A Van offering is an authorised treatment facility and the team offer a free van collection service wherever you are in the country.

This may be a boon for those who have a van that has failed its MOT and cannot be driven on roads, so it’s saving you a job from taking it to the scrap yard.

There’s a lot to recommend the Scrap A Van offering – not only do they offer the best prices and a friendly service but the free scrap van pickup service is available at the time and place to suit you.

If you want to know more about the fastest way to scrap a van near me, then simply contact the friendly Scrap A Van team to find out.