The best scrap price for vans

You could spend a long time calling around various scrap yards looking for the best scrap price for vans but you’d save time and hassle by simply contacting the Scrap a Van team first.

With a free collection service, the team are interested in any van that you want to scrap whether it’s an MOT failure, been involved in a serious accident or has simply reached the end of its life.

Each van is valued on a case-by-case basis so you will be reassured that the best price for your van will be offered by the Scrap a Van team every time.

Essentially, a van’s scrap price is calculated in the same way as it is for scrap cars and other vehicles which will include:

  • The kerb weight of your scrap van
  • The model and make of your van
  • The location of the van
  • The van’s mechanical condition.

What this really boils down to is that the heavier your scrap van is, the more you earn as a result.

Searching online for a ‘van scrap yard near me’

Also, if you are searching online for a ‘van scrap yard near me’ and the vehicle is in the North West then the Scrap a Van team can help you.

The team has years of experience in dealing with scrapping vans and offering the best prices when doing so.

Which brings us onto another, potentially more serious problem if you are wanting to scrap your van today.

Scrap your van for cash

While shopping around for the best price, a scrap yard may offer to scrap your van for cash and their valuation may be much higher than anyone else’s. There may be a reason for this.

You will need to appreciate that you can only scrap your van at an authorised treatment facility, which is a scrapyard that is licensed and monitored by the Environment Agency.

This means your van will be legally disposed of and any harmful fluids and oils are removed and metals and plastics are recycled. Any spare parts that can be resold will also be removed for this purpose.

If you use an unauthorised scrapyard, then you will still be legally responsible for your vehicle because only an authorised treatment facility can issue a certificate of destruction and inform DVLA that you no longer own the van.

To avoid running the risk of a fine should the van be used illegally after you accept cash for it and you want the best scrap price for vans, you should contact the Scrap a Van team on 01204 323106 for more help and advice.