Sell my used van for best price Manchester

EVER fantasised about owning a bigger, better van?

Wish you could get rid of your old one and go for something else?

They why not let Scrap A Van turn your VANtasy into a reality!

We will buy your used van from you no matter what nick it in and pay you a vandsome, sorry handsome, price for it too.


Demand for van spares and repairs is at an all time high at the moment, that’s why we offer you a tasty sum for your old van. We will buy your van whether it’s for scrap or you want to sell you current one. Scrap A Van are currently offering a minimum of £260 for vans. And that’s just their starting price. What’s more, they can also collect your van, so you don’t have to do any of the running about. 

And is you find the paperwork a bit of a pain in the neck – don’t worry, Scrap A Van can take care of that side too. 

When you decide it’s time to replace your van, chances are you want a quick sale or scrapping of your old one. 

That’s when you need to speak to us. We don’t hang about at Scrap A Van, if you’ve decided you want to get rid, we can normally sort you out on the same day or within 24 hours.

And if you prefer a night collection of your old van that’s not a problem for us. Just give us a call on 01204 323106 and we chat about your wants and needs.

We even come across some decent second hand vans ourselves and might be able to sort you out with a replacement quickly.


Scrap A Van can also help you out with quality second hand van parts at bargain prices. Our team knows how right now it’s more crucial than ever to be on the road safely and earning a crust.

So if you want to “sell a used van for best price near me” then why not speak to Scrap A Van. We operate a friendly yard in Bolton and cater for all of the North West. 

So you could be wanting to, “sell my used van for best price Manchester” Scrap A Van can handle that.

You might be wanting to sell a used van for best price Blackburn – fabulous we can take car of it. All vans around the North West are good for us. So if you’re selling, Scrap A Van are buying! Call 01204 323106 and get a no obligation quote today! 

Alternatively you can chat online via our website.

Scrap A Van – helping to make VANtasies come true! 

And if you want to scrap a car contact The Scrappers – best prices paid for scrap cars.