Sell A Van Salford

My old man says call Scrap A Van and don’t dilly dally on the way!

There’s certainly no dilly dallying with Scrap A Van – that’s for sure.

We will buy any make, model and year of van off you and pay top rates too.

If you’ve been looking to scrap my van Salford, for example then Scrap A Van can help.

As we cover the whole of the north west, Salford falls well within our scrapping region.

The same applies if you’re looking to Scrap A Van Didsbury, we’ll come and collect you van with no bother.

Our agents are dotted around all over the place and we can usually collect your van on the same day you decide to scrap it.

But that’s not all. We buy running vans too. So if you’re simply wanting to sell a van Salford, for example, we can help you out. 

You may want to sell a van Didsbury, that’s perfectly fine with us.

Or if you want to sell a van Wilmslow, hey hoy give us a shout!

We also buy pickup trucks too and lorries, so if you’re looking to sell a truck Cheshire or sell a truck Manchester, give us a shout.


We’ll take any van, truck or lorry off your hands and pay competitively. 

So why not go with the North West’s best van buyers and contact Scrap A Van today.

We may also be able to help you with certain van parts too, to keep your van running.

That’s because we believe in recycling and not wasting anything. So if there are components in a van that are still in good working order – waste not want not we say!

Why not call us today on 01204 323106 and scrap a van Manchester way with Scrap A Van.

Or to scrap a van Salford way or sell a van Salford go with Scrap A Van too!

For any van related issues contact Scrap A Van, a leading van salvage and parts yard too.

Call us today on 01204 323106. 

Or why not go online and get a quote for your vans in seconds. Just pop a few details in the value box and you’re goo to go!

And if you have a car you want to scrap then why not get in touch with The Scrappers? They will buy any car and pay a competitive price too.