Sell a used work van for most money near me

So, another summer pretty much over and done with.

Kids back at school, full blown traffic jams are here again.

Back to the grindstone as they say!

Perhaps, for you, that means going back to work on the road if you’re a delivery driver.

Or maybe you’re a builder getting back in that work van.

You could, on the other hand, be stepping out of your campervan after a summer road trip.

Or perhaps you’ve been on a coach tour around the British isles. 

No matter what you’ve been up to this summer, or what you have planned, chances are a van of some sort or another will have been part of your journey.

Whether you’ve hired a campervan or been lucky enough to own one – vans have never been so handy.

But maybe you own an old van.


Perhaps you’ve managed to squeeze the very last out of a campervan and now it’s time to part ways.

So if you’re looking to “sell a campervan for most money near me” get in touch with Scrap A Van.

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Scrap A Van are always on the hunt for more vans. You can sell a damaged van with us.

And you can sell a used van with us. You can sell a non-running van with us too.

Or if you want to sell MOT failure van with us, that’s no problem either.

We will literally buy any van you’re selling, from scrap to practically brand spanking new.


And we always pay the most money for all vans so why not get in touch today.

You can pick up the phone and speak to Scrap A Van directly by dialling 01204 323106. Or if you’re tech savvy then you can contact us via our website. You can even get a quote for your van if you enter a few details about the vehicle. You’ll hear back within seconds – and of course it’s a no obligation quote.

Whatever way you prefer to get in touch, we’re not bothered as long as you do.

Scrap A Van covers the whole North West region. We can even collect your van and still pay you the best rate going.

So why not give us a call today on 01204 323106. Oh, and if you want to scrap a vehicle then contact The Scrappers – part of our friendly scrap and breakers yard family!

Scrap A Van – the VANderful way to scrap or sell your van!