Sell a used minibus near me

Want to sell a used van in Manchester ? No problem, speak to scrap a van!

Maybe you want to sell a used van Wilmslow way, no skin off our noses we will gladly come and collect it for free paying you a premium in the process.

Scrap a van buys all types of vans.

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We buy any van in the North West and we pay the most for used vans in the north west.

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We buy all kinds of vans. We buy camper vans, we buy work vans, we buy old vans, we buy accident damaged vans.

And we also buy lorries, trucks and plant machinery too, whatever van you have to sell Scrap A Van will buy it.

You may want to sell a used Ford Ranger Bolton or sell a Ford Ranger Salford, for example. 


Again call on us and we will sort it for you. Your van, truck or lorry doesn’t have to be a runner.

We will happily buy non-runners too. So why don’t you sell your van today and get a great price in the process.

It doesn’t haven’t to be a scrap van either, just because we have ‘Scrap’ in the title dones’t mean that’s all we buy in.

We buy any van, any van at all. Any make or model or year, we will gladly take it off your hands. 

Why not get a quote in seconds by trying out our online calculator. It’s really straightforward to use. Just punch in a few simple details and we will do the rest.

If you’re not a fan of paperwork, then let us handle the DVLA side for you. Selling a used van the stress free way is as easy as van, two three with Scrap A Van.

And normally we can collect your van on the same day we agree a sale.

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We buy any van at all, any lorry, any minibus, anything.

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Scrap A Van – we buy any van.

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