Scrap vans wanted by Scrap A Van – get the best price

When it comes to vehicle scrapping firms advertising for scrap vans wanted, you want to be reassured that you are getting the best price possible for your unwanted vehicle.

While there are scrapping firms advertising for vans wanted for cash, it’s important to realise that not every van scrap yard will pay the same and you need to be wary of those who do offer cash.

The reason for this is that it’s now illegal to pay hard cash when scrapping a van and you must be paid directly into your personal or business bank account when you hand your van over.

The other big issue for any firm offering cash is that it’s unlikely they will give you a certificate of destruction for your efforts.

Not having this certificate causes an issue because it’s how the DVLA learns that you have scrapped your van in a legal and responsible way.

Scrap vans for cash

So, who do you trust when it comes to getting the best price when you scrap vans for cash?

The simple answer is to contact the friendly Scrap A Van team who are big buyers of scrap vans and have a network of agents to collect your van wherever you are in the country.

The agents are reputable and friendly and will also pay directly into your bank when they pick your scrap vehicle up.

The team is interested in all types of scrap vans, in any condition ranging from Ford Transits to small vans.

Vans bought for scrap

It’s also easy to find out how much your vehicle is worth for vans bought for scrap, as there’s an online van scrapping calculator tool.

You can also call the team directly to find out what the best price is and then arrange for a pickup to take place.

If you are searching for reputable firm with the term ‘scrap my van near me’, then you should add Scrap A Van to your shortlist to see how much they will offer.

Also, if you are a business looking to scrap a fleet of old vans, then the team can offer a good price and remove all of the vans for you rather than you having to take the vans to a scrap yard.

If you want to get the best price with a scrap yard advertising for scrap vans wanted, then you should contact the Scrap A Van team on (01204) 323106.