Scrap My Vivaro Near Me

Calling all Vauxhall Vivaro drivers – is your van ready to go down the pan?

We buy any vans for cash..

Is it on its last legs?

Maybe you can’t even get it started anymore. Or the handles have fallen off the door.

You may have been involved in an accident and you’re thinking, “where can I sell my accident damaged Vauxhall Vivaro Manchester way?”

If you’re looking to scrap or sell a Vivaro in Manchester then why not get in touch with Scrap A Van.

We pay the best prices for Vivaro vans in the North West and can’t wait to hear from you.


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As our names suggests we are a bit keen on scrap vans – not just Vivaro either.

Scrap A Van want any type of van. If you are merely looking to “scrap my van Manchester” or “scrap my van Bolton” then contact us.

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We are based in Bolton, but a little trip out doesn’t bother us. Say you lived in Preston, for example, we’d happily come and buy your scrap van Preston way. Same would apply if you lived in Wigan, we readily take a day trip over and buy your scrap van Wigan way.

Wilmslow, a beautiful part of the North West. Who wouldn’t want to take a trip there to buy your scrap van Wilmslow way.

We have drivers dotted all around the region ready to collect your scrap van for free.

You get the best price for a scrap van in the North West and we also buy vans that are for sale too.

So if you’re thinking, “sell my Vivaro near me” give Scrap A Van a shot. We do far more than buy scrap vans too, we buy running vans and we buy accident damaged vans as well. If you’re wondering, “where can I sell my accident damaged van near me?” then give Scrap A Van a shout. 

You can even get a quote online for your van. Or if you prefer to speak to a staff member call 01204 323106. 

So why not get the best price for your van today by going with Scrap A Van.

Plus did you know we are also a leading used van parts specialist. So if you need a particular part for you Vivaro get in touch.

If you’re searching for van parts online we can also help as we provide a delivery service straight to your door. 

How handy is that!

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