Scrap My Van

LET’S talk about vans baby, let’s talk about vans and fees, let’s talk about all the good vans and the bad vans that may be, let’s talk about vans!

scrap your van for cash
Need tips when you scrap your van for cash? Call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106.

Van drivers; hands up if you like a sing song as you’re driving along – we know we do!

There’s something van dabby dozy about pumping out the tunes and heading from A to B in a transit, a combi, a minibus – any type of van!

But of course over time, like everything, vans can run down especially if they’re used on a daily basis. That usually means it’s time to look for a new vehicle so you can carry on blasting the tunes out.

If that’s the case, chances are you’ll be looking for the best place to sell a van. Or you may be searching for the best place to scrap a van.. low and behold – you’ve found us!


Scrap A Van will buy any van, irrespective of it’s condition. For example, there could be loads that’s going wrong with it, we’ll still it. Perhaps it doesn’t start properly. Or it’s kicking out a right plume of pongy smoke when you drive it, it’s failed its MOT – all sort of reasons.

One thing’s for sure, no van owner wants to spend oodles of cash fixing up a van that’s not worth half the amount they’ve spent repairing it.

So what’s the alternative? Scrapping it with Scrap A Van, of course.

We offer the most competitive prices for scrap vans and it’s really straightforward why; the van you scrap with us will be of use to us as we can recycle parts that are still in good working order. This keeps other vans on the road for less.

Sometimes we can also export the engine, meaning we are able to offer attractive prices for vans. You could have an accident damaged van you need to sell, that’s fine with us as we really do buy any make or model of van in any condition. 

We offer a free collection service for your van and that’s not just for Bolton, Manchester or the North West. We often collect vans from all over the nation as we have a trusted network of van collectors. 

So if you’re thinking those three important words “scrap my van” or “sell my van”, Scrap A Van will take it off your hands today. 

Yep, we run a very fast and tight ship here, there’s no messing about. 

You receive an instant quote for your van and if you’re happy with the amount we can usually come and collect your van on the same day and pay you instantly, money straight into your account.


It’s never been easier to scrap a van or sell a van. Find out the value of your vehicle today by using our online valuator or give us a buzz on 01204 323 106.

Scrap your accident damaged van today. Scrap your MOT failure today, scrap any van today and get the best price going!

We are open seven days a week, so get in touch anytime. In the meantime, keep on singing!

Or if you want to scrap a car contact The Scrappers right here.