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In Wigan, just around the corner from our breakers yard in Bolton, if you have a van for sale or scrap, why not give us a call? We can be with you to scrap a van Wigan within the hour. Many of our customers come back to us again and again to scrap a van Wigan or to even buy used van parts, as we are the best about. Not only will we ensure that your car is collected in time, but you can also be sure that we will be at a location of your choosing when you need us to be there. We can collect your car from your house or your work, or we can come and collect it if you have broken down on the side of the road. And what’s more, we will never charge for the collection of your car.

For many of our customers, we are the first port of call to scrap a van Wigan. We make it our priority to ensure that you are well look after, from the moment you pick up the phone to speak to one of our vehicle valuators to the moment our vehicle collection agent drives away with your car, you’ll feel as if you’ve been delivered the very best service. We will offer you a quick, no obligation quote, which will more than likely beat our competitors. We estimate our prices on not only the price of scrap metal but also on the age of your car. We can use the parts within your van, which are in a good condition, to sell on to other van drivers, who need to get back on the road.



If you have been wondering about what exactly happens with your van, when you scrap my van Wigan with us, you’ll be glad to know that it is recycled up to 90%. When we buy a vehicle, we will ensure that it causes no more harm to the environment. We’ll first make sure that it is stripped for parts. The next step is to put the van through the process of de-pollution, which includes filtering any harmful fluids and chemicals, including coolant, oil and fuel, and disposing of them in the safest way, with an approved disposal company. Finally, your van will be ready to be crushed, which means that the metal can be weighed in and sold on, ready to make other things.

So why not get in touch with the North West’s leading Authorised Treatment Facility. If you want to scrap my van Wigan, we have been approved by the Environment Agency to do this for you. All you have to do is give us a call on 01204 323106 or fill in the online form and one of our team will give you a call back, to give you a quote on your car. Scrap a van Wigan with us today.


Do you have a Mercedes Sprinter, that isn’t running properly? Or a Volkswagen Transporter that isn’t transporting anything? All you have to do is call the team at The Scrappers today to scrap a van for cash

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ScrapaVan.com is your One-Stop-Van-Shop. We pay top prices for all end-of-life and accident damaged vans for scrapping purposes, all scrap vans are disposed of following the latest environmental procedures, whilst we are disposing of the vans it is our primary focus to abstract as many working parts from the van as possible in order to build up a stock of quality used van spares.

If you are looking for a part for your van, it is likely that we will be able to help you. With hundreds of vans coming through our yard on a weekly basis, we have been able to build a comprehensive stockpile of carefully assesed used van parts. You can be assured that with a 3 month warranty on all of our parts, we only stock the genuine parts from the vans so you have peace of mind that you are getting a genuine part at a fraction of the price of a new non-genuine part.

We also buy and sell late-model vans. So if you have a low mileage or well looked after van that you are looking to get top prices for, feel free to give us a try, we don’t just buy scrap vans.

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