‘Scrap my van near me’ – call Scrap A Van today

If your trusty van has come to the end of its working life and you want to ‘scrap my van near me’, then you need to give the Scrap A Van team a call on 01204 323106.

Not only have they got lots of experience in scrapping vans for cash, but they also specialise in breaking a van for its parts which means they offer competitive prices.

So, whether you have a Mercedes Sprinter that no longer runs or a Volkswagen Transporter that doesn’t transport anything, then the Scrap A Van team will offer cash to take it off your hands.

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The Scrap A Van team offer a network to help those wanting to ‘scrap my van near me’. Call us on 01204 323106.

Process for scrapping a van

The process for scrapping a van is straightforward and after the team offers you the best scrap price for your unwanted van, then you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • You will need to prove you are the owner of the vehicle, so the V5 or logbook will be required.
  • The Scrap A Van team will offer a price on the basis of your description but an assessment of the scrap vehicle will be carried out before money is transferred to your bank account.
  • You could drop your van at an authorised treatment facility – another name for a licensed scrapyard – to earn the best price or you could arrange for your van to be picked up at a time that is suitable to you.

The process to get a valuation is straightforward and the team will buy any van in any condition if you contact them on (01204) 323106.

Contacting the Scrap A Van team

By contacting the Scrap A Van team, you will not be wasting time trawling around various scrapyards in a bid to find the best price since you probably have lots of other things you would prefer to be doing.

The team will remove any parts that can be recycled for use in repairing other vans and the harmful oils and fluids will be removed safely.

There’s a big demand for van engines and the Scrap A Van team sends these parts to buyers in the UK and overseas, which is another reason why they pay the best prices.

The types of vans being scrapped with Scrap A Van include:

  • Accident write-offs
  • MOT failures
  • Engine failures
  • Flood damaged vans.

The other big reason is that your van may not be cost-effective to repair to put back on the road, so it’s wiser to cut your losses and earn money from scrapping it.

For more help and information about how to ‘scrap my van near me’ and earn the best scrapping price when doing so, then you need to contact the Scrap A Van team today on (01204) 323106.