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Keeping your van on the road can be a costly exercise, especially if your van is prone to faults. Maybe you have come to the conclusion that to scrap my van would be the best choice, but don’t know who to choose. Maybe you have just paid to put your van through an MOT and it has failed? Whatever the problem if you need to scrap a van, all you have to do is give the team a call at Scrap A Van. We are the most efficient service around, and promise to collect your van ASAP. we always aim to be with you within the hour, or at a time and location to suit you. All you have to do is hand over the log book and the van and we’ll hand over the cash. There isn’t another company around that can offer you the prices that we offer you.



If you want to scrap a van but think that your van is in too bad a state, you don’t have to worry. Even if you van doesn’t run or drive, we can doesn’t matter what state your scrap van is in, there is always someone who will pay to collect it. Although there are many more companies out there who are asking for money to tow your van, you have to take the time to find the ones who will pay you!



One of the best things about using Scrap A Van to scrap your van, is that we’ll come and collect it free of charge. We will always collect your van, regardless of its size to bring it back to our yard. What’s more, when we remove the van for you, you’ll have to hand over the log book and we’ll hand over the cash and away we’ll go, it’s that easy. If you thought you’d be stuck, and couldn’t scrap a van. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.



We can always pay you that little bit extra for your van as we are a leading late model breakers yard. Which means that many of the vehicles that we buy are dismantled and sold in parts. We sell refurbished gearboxes and engines, as well as other parts, so if you have a late model van, we’ll always pay you that little bit extra. What’s more, we find that breaking the car for parts is a part of the de-pollution process. After we have removed any good working parts for reuse and recycling, we’ll filter the harmful chemicals from the van. This includes oil, fuel and coolant. Finally, the van is ready to be scrapped, and the metal to be weighed. So why not scrap my van today to help the environment?



Why not scrap your old van today? We’ll pay you the very best prices and come to collect it for free and you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are doing our bit for the environment. Call 01204 388 488 to scrap my van for cash.


Do you have a Mercedes Sprinter, that isn’t running properly? Or a Volkswagen Transporter that isn’t transporting anything? All you have to do is call the team at The Scrappers today to scrap a van for cash

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ScrapaVan.com is your One-Stop-Van-Shop. We pay top prices for all end-of-life and accident damaged vans for scrapping purposes, all scrap vans are disposed of following the latest environmental procedures, whilst we are disposing of the vans it is our primary focus to abstract as many working parts from the van as possible in order to build up a stock of quality used van spares.

If you are looking for a part for your van, it is likely that we will be able to help you. With hundreds of vans coming through our yard on a weekly basis, we have been able to build a comprehensive stockpile of carefully assesed used van parts. You can be assured that with a 3 month warranty on all of our parts, we only stock the genuine parts from the vans so you have peace of mind that you are getting a genuine part at a fraction of the price of a new non-genuine part.

We also buy and sell late-model vans. So if you have a low mileage or well looked after van that you are looking to get top prices for, feel free to give us a try, we don’t just buy scrap vans.

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