Scrap my van for cash – The ONLY checklist you need

Need to scrap my van for cash? Then this guide will reveal everything you need to do.

The best way to scrap a van and earn the best price is to contact the Scrap A Van team.

There’s also an online scrap van calculator to help you find out quickly how much your van is worth.

If you like the price, then call the team to arrange a free scrap van collection and you’ll be paid directly into your bank account when your van is picked up.

However, you need to be wary about any scrap yard offering to buy your unwanted van for cash because it’s no longer legally possible to pay cash when doing so.

Scrap a van
Scrap a van and get the best scrap price. Call us on 01204 323106.

Scrap metal vans that scrap yards are wanting

There is a range of scrap metal vans that scrap yards are wanting whether they are large or small, conversions or refrigerated vans. They all have a scrap metal value.

Obviously, the larger and heavier vans will command the higher prices but the attraction of the Scrap A Van offering is that they pay a premium too.

That’s because they have a strong demand from customers in the UK and from abroad to buy van spare parts for customers to carry out repairs.

This means there are certain types of vans, such as the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit range, that will earn the owner more money.

Scrap yard offering vans bought for scrap

Also, when searching for a scrap yard offering vans bought for scrap as a search term, you should really ask whether they are an authorised treatment facility.

This will bring peace of mind that your van will be properly depolluted and recycled in a responsible way.

These facilities are monitored by the Environment Agency and only they can give you a certificate of destruction which is legal proof that you have disposed of your unwanted van in a legal way.

There are many reasons why van owners want to scrap their van, it might be an MOT failure, been involved in an accident or, as is happening more often, it’s expensive as an old van to take it into low emission zones.

That’s the case for those who search for ‘scrap my van London’ and who go into central London where there is an ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) in place, so you would benefit by scrapping your van for cash and spending the money on a new van to avoid the zone’s charges.

If you want to scrap my van for cash and enjoy a free scrap van collection service, then contact the Scrap A Van team on (01204) 323106.