Scrap My Van Bolton Today

GOOD van owners of Bolton, when the day finally arrives and you’re suddenly struck with the notion, “I need to scrap my van Bolton today,” then looky here!

We are the scrap company for you if you need to scrap a van Bolton way or beyond. Scrap A Van couldn’t have a better name really could we?! We are all about scrapping vans in Bolton and throughout the North West. From scrapping a working van such as a Ford Transit van to parting ways with a VW camper van.

There’s not a single van that Scrap A Van would turn their nose up at. We offer the best prices for a scrap van dealership in Bolton. Our main HQ is based in Bolton. But that doesn’t stop our drivers heading out on the roads collecting scrap vans from all over the place. And we love paying our customers the highest amount. 


If you woke up today and suddenly realised, “I must scrap my van Bolton today,” get yourself a done deal in quick time. We offer a free scrap van collection service in Bolton and beyond. What’s more, we can come and fetch your van on the same day you contact us.

You might be wondering, “what’s my scrap van worth?” if that’s the case, why not test out our scrap van value calculator and get a quote in seconds.

Or if you’re not a fan of smart phones or computers go old school and give us a call on 01204 323106. Our friendly scrap a van Bolton team would love to hear from you, not more than ever in fact as it’s good to talk.”

“So how come Scrap A Van can offer the best price for my scrap van Bolton?” you may be wondering. We’ll let you into a little bit of a secret; we recycle absolutely every part of a van we can.

For you this means we can offer the best price for a scrap van as we can use van parts in other vehicles. Isn’t that just greta for the environment and great for your bank account too!

A lot of van parts are exported, while others stay here to help keep work vans on the road. Delivery vans, for example, have never been in demand as much as now and need to be kept running safely.


Scrap A Van are proud that we can sell quality used van parts in Bolton and also online to van owners and van repair shops who need them. We also offer a shipping service so you can buy van parts online.

If you are after affordable van parts why not get in touch and let us hunt it down for you. All our van parts Bolton way are checked thoroughly so can rest assure you are buying quality for less.

At Scrap A Van we buy any van, any van you can think of. We buy accident damaged vans, we buy MOT failure vans, we buy high mileage vans, we buy burger vans, we buy ice cream vans! We buy the lot!

So if you have decided, “I want to scrap my van Bolton today”, get in touch with us now. Call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106 and secure a great deal for you scrap van in Bolton.

Or, to scrap a car contact The Scrappers.