Scrap a Van will pay the best scrap van prices in London

With the new ultra low emission zone (Ulez) scheme getting closer, it launches on 8 April, it may be time to consider earning the best scrap van prices when you scrap your unwanted van.

Whether you are driving a Ford Transit, a Mercedes Sprinter or a Vauxhall Vivaro, then you can get the best price when scrapping your van with the experts at Scrap a Van.

The friendly team are able to pay the best prices for scrapping your unwanted vehicle because they supply a number of buyers overseas who are keen to buy unwanted engines from British scrap vans.

In addition, the Scrap a Van team will pick-up your van at a time to suit you and ensure that as much of the vehicle is recycled and it is depolluted properly.

Best scrap van prices
Earn the best scrap van prices in London – call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106.

Get the best price when scrapping your diesel van

For those small firms or van owners who need to upgrade to a Euro6 compliant vehicle, then it’s important that you act to get the best price when scrapping your diesel van and invest in a new one. If you need to find out for sure whether your old diesel van complies, then there’s a helpful Ulez tool on the Transport for London website and you just need the vehicle registration to find out.

Also, while Transport for London has a scrappage scheme in place for small business owners, the money is geared towards those firms entering the Ulez zone on a regular basis.

It may also be tempting to accept a cash offer from someone wanting to buy your unwanted van but you need to appreciate that you will still be held responsible for whatever happens to your vehicle because it’s illegal to offer cash when buying a scrap van or car.

Instead, whoever is buying your scrap van needs to pay directly into a bank account, rather than offering cash.

Also, should the person offering cash take your van and then rack up speeding and parking tickets, then you will be held responsible for these.

To avoid this hassle and get the best scrap price for your van, you need to speak with professionals who will quickly and efficiently pick up your van, regardless of its condition, and pay you instantly when doing so.

Get the best scrap van price possible

If you and your business want to get the best scrap van price possible, then contact the friendly team at Scrap a Van on (01204) 323106.