Our guide for anyone who says: ‘I want to scrap my van’

If you are a van owner who is searching for scrapping firms with ‘I want to scrap my van’, then this guide will help you.

The best way to scrap an unwanted van and to get the best price and to enjoy a free scrap van collection service is to call the Scrap A Van team.

That’s because they have years of experience and a strong reputation for offering the best prices.

There’s no doubt you could trawl various scrap yards online using the term ‘scrap my van near me’ and trying to find the best deal but this can take a lot of time.

And if you are busy running a business, then it’s also a headache trying to find a scrap yard, agree on a price and then its collection.

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Sell my van for scrap

The Scrap A Van offering makes this process simple and is the best way for those who are looking to ‘sell my van for scrap’.

Not only do they offer the best prices but can organise a pick-up of your unwanted van at short notice.

They will pay directly into your bank account when doing so, which means you get the cash to spend on a new van, if that’s what you are wanting to do.

One of the issues when you want to sell a van for scrap is that you may be offered hard cash by a scrap yard.

While this may sound great, it really isn’t because it’s now illegal to offer money for a scrap vehicle.

Scrap vans wanted

This is the risk you run when you approach a site stating ‘scrap vans wanted’ and while they may promise to pay the best price, there are other downsides for accepting a hard cash offer.

The main one is that it’s unlikely that the scrap yard concerned will offer you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you have disposed of your vehicle in a legal way. The DVLA, for example, will be looking for this proof should anything happen with your van after it leaves your hands – for instance, it gets dumped by the roadside.

Indeed, you really should restrict your search of potential scrap yards to those that are authorised treatment facilities because they are monitored by the Environment Agency and will depollute your vehicle and then ensure it is recycled and scrapped effectively.

If you want to know more about ‘I want to scrap my van’, then it’s worth calling the team at Scrap A Van to find out how much they will offer for your unwanted vehicle and arrange a time to pick it up.