Need to scrap my van near me? Call Scrap A Van

When you need to ‘scrap my van near me’, don’t waste time trawling various van scrap yards in a bid to find the best price – simply contact Scrap A Van first.

The friendly team is dedicated to offering the best prices and will pick up your scrap van for free, regardless of where you are in the country.

That is because they have a network of reputable agents who can arrange to pick up your van at a time and location to suit you.

The money for your scrap van will be paid directly into your bank account so if you’re looking to access cash quickly to buy a new van, then you need to speak with the Scrap A Van team today.

Scrap a Van get the best price when scrapping a van.
Need to scrap my van near me? You need Scrap A Van.

‘Scrap my van for cash’

It also needs to be appreciated for anybody who wants to ‘scrap my van for cash’, that you are no longer able to accept hard cash from anyone for your scrap vehicle.

That’s because this has been made illegal, and you must be paid directly into a bank account instead.

The Scrap A Van team is also an authorised treatment facility, so you can be reassured that your van will be recycled effectively with as many parts being reused as possible.

Also, any harmful oils and fluids will be safely removed so they do not harm the environment.

Not every firm offering to buy your scrap van will be an authorised treatment facility – this means its activities are monitored by the Environment Agency – so you should deal with a reputable firm to ensure you comply with the law.

Scrap your van

When you need to scrap your van, the process should be made as simple and straightforward as possible which is what the team offers.

In addition to receiving cash, you will also receive a certificate of destruction which is legal proof that you have disposed of your van legally.

This is an important document since you will be held legally liable for what happens to your vehicle if you hand it over to a firm that is not an authorised treatment facility.

Imagine having to deal with speeding or parking tickets when you thought you had safely sold your van for scrapping!

The best way to avoid the hassle and for those who are searching for a way to ‘scrap my van near me’, then you need to contact the friendly Scrap A Van team on (01204) 323106 to arrange for your scrap van to be picked up for free.