Need a scrap van collection service?

If you are looking to scrap a van because it has reached the end of its life, then you may be looking for a free scrap van collection service which means contacting Scrap A Van.

The friendly team are able to pick up your van, regardless of its condition, wherever you are in the country.

Along with offering a free pick up collection service, Scrap A Van are able to pay the best prices because they need to meet strong demand from customers in the UK and overseas who want to buy van spare parts.

Some vans also carry a premium, for example, Mercedes, Ford and Renault vans, so to help meet this demand for spare parts the Scrap A Van team is prepared to pay extra.

Pick up a scrap van for cash

sell my van for scrap
‘Sell my van for scrap’ – call Scrap A Van today on 01204 323106.

This offer to pick up a scrap van for cash means the team is busy buying scrap vans and is one of the busiest scrap yards when it comes to breaking vans for parts.

Scrap A Van is interested in all types of van, from small to large vans including Transits and Berlingo vans.

To get the best scrap van prices, you could shop around various scrap yards and the Scrap A Van team has an online offering so they can quickly deliver a quote for your unwanted van.

They will also aim to remove your van as quickly as possible and it’s possible it can be done today.

The team also have a network of reputable and friendly agents that can pick up your van from your home or work and pay instantly into your bank account.

End of life and scrap vans

The Scrap A Van team is interested in all types of end of life and scrap vans, regardless of their condition – they could be accident damaged or be too expensive to repair.

Also, some firms will be looking to scrap their van fleet so they can invest in new vehicles to meet the latest environmental requirements.

If you have a fleet to offload, then contact Scrap A Van to quote and then remove the vans from your premises.

The Scrap A Van team also have an extensive stockpile of used van parts to help meet the growing demand from a customer base in the UK and overseas.

For anybody looking for a scrap van collection service and to earn the best price possible for their unwanted vehicle, then contact the Scrap A Van team today on 01204 323106.