Need a ‘Ford Transit scrap yard near me’? You’ve found it!

If your old van has reached the end of its life and you are searching online with a term ‘Ford Transit scrap yard near me’, then stop searching.

That’s because Scrap A Van provides a one-stop shop for you to get paid the best price for your van and the friendly team can arrange a collection at a time to suit you, wherever you are in the country.

In addition, Scrap A Van will be pleased to offer a premium compared to other than scrapping firms because Ford Transits are in demand.

There’s a growing list of customers in the UK and overseas wanting quality Ford Transit spare parts or Ford pieces UK and to meet this demand, Scrap A Van needs a regular inflow of vans.

scrap my van near me
The Scrap A Van team offer a network to help those wanting to ‘scrap my van near me’. Call us on 01204 323106.

Scrap vans for cash

And if you need to scrap vans for cash, then the Scrap A Van team can deal with those firms wanting to replace an ageing fleet or who need to replace their vans to meet emissions standards.

Growing numbers of cities and towns in the UK are looking to introduce restrictions on older vans to meet their pollution targets.

This means that more firms are looking at the financial situation and scrapping them and using the money for a new, emissions-friendly vehicle.

If the situation concerns you, particularly if you travel into central London on a regular basis where the Ulez (ultra-low emissions zone) is in place, then the Scrap A Van can help.

Vans bought for scrap

And while there are other firms claiming ‘vans bought for scrap’, the Scrap A Van team have a sound reputation as Ford Transit dismantlers and for paying the best price.

The firm is a leading Ford Transit breakers North West and have years of experience in offering a professional and reputable service.

Also, the firm is legally compliant and is an authorised treatment facility so your van will be properly depolluted without harming our environment and any spare parts will be sold on.

Be wary of any van scrapping firm offering to pay cash for your unwanted van and check whether they are an authorised treatment facility because they can’t give you a certificate of destruction which proves you have legally disposed of your vehicle to DVLA.

The team will also pay directly into your bank account because it’s no longer legally possible to pay cash when scrapping a vehicle.

If you want to find a ‘Ford transit scrap yard near me’, then contact the Scrap A Van team to help and earn the best price on (01204) 323106.