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If your van is ready for the scrapyard in the sky, and you are searching online for potential salvage firms with the term ‘I want to sell my van for scrap’, then this article will help.

There’s no doubt that having to trawl around the websites of scrapyards can be a time consuming undertaking, and you’re probably too busy to do so.

So, regardless of where you are based in the UK, the Scrap a Van team will make the process simple and offer the best price when it comes to scrapping your unwanted van.

One reason for this is they have a network of agents around the country with years of experience and are keen to take your van, whether it has reached the end of its life, is an MOT failure or is simply too old to repair.

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Scrap A Van guarantee their scrap van prices

It’s also important to appreciate that Scrap A Van guarantee their scrap van prices, so there’s no haggling when their representative turns up to pick up your van.

Also, the price being quoted includes free van collection and there are no hidden fees that may take you by surprise.

One reason why Scrap A Van offers the best scrap van prices is that there are buyers waiting in the UK and overseas for the spare parts, such as the gearbox and engine from your van.

The process to find out how much your scrap van is worth and then arranging a pickup time is quick and straightforward.

Process for scrapping a van

And, if you are wondering, the process for scrapping a van is no different to the process for the scrapping of cars.

It’s important that when it comes to scrapping your van that you give the salvage firm the make and model of your van and its type, for example, whether it’s a temperature controlled panel van.

If you use the online form on Scrap A Van for finding the best scrap price, then you’ll need to enter the registration number and your postcode to find out how much your van is worth.

It’s also important to highlight whether there are any extras fitted to the van, for example, alloy wheels, which may add to the price being offered.

Essentially, if you are searching online with the term ‘I want to sell my van for scrap’ that you should contact the experts at Scrap A Van who will offer the best prices and the best levels of customer service. Call the team today on (01204) 323106.