I want to scrap my van

There’s no point trawling various websites using the search term ‘I want to scrap my van’ when you can access the best prices and get a free pick up from the Scrap A Van team.

Also, it can be a time-consuming undertaking trying to find the best deal for your scrap van and then arranging a pick up.

The Scrap A Van team will help save time because they will offer the best price and they use a network of reputable agents around the country to pick up your scrap van.

You should also – and this is very important – use authorised treatment facilities when scrapping your van to ensure you are handed a certificate of destruction which proves that you have legally scrapped your vehicle.

Recycle your van

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This may not be the case with some van scrapyards, who may offer slightly more money because they have no obligation to recycle your van as the Scrap A Van team do.

Also, should you opt for payment in cash, then you will be breaking the law because these transactions are now illegal.

Instead, you must be paid directly into your bank account whenever you hand over your scrap van – even if it is picked up by an agent.

More worryingly, you are still legally liable for your van once you have handed it over which means having to pay for parking and speeding tickets and even for its removal from the verge, if necessary.

Scrap your van for cash

That will not be the case when you deal with the friendly Scrap A Van team when you scrap your van for cash as it will be dealt with properly.

As an authorised treatment facility, your van will be de-polluted which means the harmful oils and fluids will be removed and the battery will be recycled properly.

Then, any usable spare parts will be removed and sold on to buyers in the UK and overseas.

Indeed, it’s this growing demand from buyers for van spare parts that means some models of van will command a premium and the Scrap A Van team will be happy paying this to meet their customers’ needs.

If you are searching with ‘I want to scrap my van’ to find the best price and you want your van picked up for free, then it’s time to speak with a friendly Scrap A Van team today on 01204 323106.