How to scrap your van for cash

If you are looking to scrap your van for cash, then you need to deal with the experts at Scrap a Van.

With years of experience, we have dozens of vans passing through our scrap yard every week and we also break vans for parts.

This means that Scrap a Van offers the most competitive prices around. So if your van is no longer roadworthy, has failed its MoT or you simply want to trade up from your old model, then get in touch today.

Whether you have a small van, such as a Berlingo, for example, or a large Ford Transit, we are interested and can arrange collection.

Best scrap price for vans

When it comes to offering the best scrap price for vans, you’ll find that our valuation team will offer a quote that is hard to beat. The team will also arrange collection of the van, which will be helpful if you need a fast removal.

Not only will you receive confirmation from the team that Scrap a Van has bought your vehicle, they will also complete all of the relevant paperwork which also includes informing the DVLA that you are no longer the legal owner of the vehicle.

So, if you are looking for a good scrap price for your van, whether it is high or low mileage, an MOT failure or simply unwanted or uneconomical to repair, then you should be getting in touch with us.

It’s also important that you deal with a scrap yard that is an authorised treatment facility which means they are licensed and monitored by the Environment Agency.

Cracking scrap van prices

This is an important point to appreciate since a firm may offer cracking scrap van prices that are higher than anyone else’s – but if they are unauthorised then you may be committing an offence by disposing of your van illegally.

There will be lots of van owners who will be unaware that the laws for disposing of scrap vehicles have changed substantially in recent years to help prevent vehicles being dumped on the roadside or on grass verges.

In addition, it’s important that once you scrap your van that it is stripped of the harmful oils and fluids which will not contaminate our environment and any useful parts are recycled effectively.

This means that if you are searching for cheap van parts, then the Scrap a Van team should be able to help with your needs.

If you are looking to scrap your van for cash and want to know how much it’s worth, then contact the Scrap a Van team today on 01204 323106 or use their online scrap price quote facility.