How to ‘Scrap my van Blackburn’

If you live in the North West and are looking for a van scrap yard nearby then you could be searching with particular terms such as ‘Scrap my van Blackburn’.

If so, then you should get in touch with the experts at Scrap a Van who can offer the best scrapping price for your vehicle and they can pick it up too.

The team deal with dozens of scrap vans every week from in and around Blackburn by offering great customer service and the best prices.

However, it’s also important that if you are looking to scrap your van that you use an authorised treatment facility rather than a scrap yard that may not be licensed and monitored by the Environment Agency.

Scrap your van for cash

Essentially, if you’re looking to scrap your van for cash and believe it’s not important to use an unauthorised scrapyard then there are two important reasons to reconsider:

The first is that you will still be legally responsible for your vehicle should it be used after you sold it to an unlicensed scrap yard and;

Only an authorised treatment facility can legally dispose of vans for scrapping.

The authorised treatment facility will issue a certificate of destruction which will prove that you are no longer legally responsible for your van and it has been disposed of – no-one will be driving it afterwards!

Also, there may also be issues with an unlicensed scrap yard not disposing of your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way, so harmful oils and fluids from your van could contaminate the ground if not dealt with properly.

Impressive scrap van price

So, if someone offers you a really impressive scrap van price then you need to ask whether they are an authorised treatment facility and why they are offering so much more than other yards.

Failing to comply with the law could see you being landed with a £1,000 fine which can be avoided if you use the experts at Scrap a Van.

It’s really not worth the hassle not scrapping your van properly and along with receiving the best scrap price possible, you’ll be reassured that the DVLA will be informed that you’ve disposed of your van legally and you can be reassured that the facility will be dealing with your van effectively so no harm will be done to the environment.

If you are searching on how to ‘scrap my van Blackburn’, then you should call the friendly Scrap a Van team on 01204 323106 to find out how much they can offer for your vehicle and arrange a free pickup as well.