How much can I get for scrapping a van?

If you’ve got a van you want to scrap, you’re probably thinking, “how much can I get for scrapping a van?”

Maybe you want to know, “how much is my scrap van worth?”

Or if you’re used a van owner, you could be wondering, “how much is my used scrap van worth?”

So, rather than beating about the bush, we wanted to be direct.

Here’s what you can make for your scrap van which will come in VANdy when you want to scrap a van.

Scrap A Van pays the best prices for scrap vans. It’s that simple! 

If you’ve got a scrap van… have £250 smackers you beauty! 

All vehicles must be complete, no catalytic converters off.  

If a cat is missing off your van take £50 off the payment. Log book gone? Take away £25.. you can’t say fairer than that, van you! 

Van pick-up available, this means you needn’t worry about getting your van to us.

Plus, we also pay £145 a ton for metal and we can arrange collection too. In fact, our JAW Metals team are waiting to hear from you! So if you have meat to sell, they are buying! 

So what are you waiting for? Make money today on your old or used van! Make money fast and easy with Scrap A Van! 

Get rid of that has-been van and cash in! VANtastic!

And remember we buy all makes, models and years of van. Just give us a call on 01204 323106 or go online

We also buy in fleets of vans too, so if you have an ageing line of buses or vans you want to sell, no problem give us a call.


By choosing Scrap A Van you will also have peace of mind that you’re dealing with an authorised treatment facility (ATF) because we do everything above board, safely and as greenly as possible.

In fact, when you scrap your van with Scrap A Van, you’re actually reducing your carbon footprint. How impressive is that! We recycle as much of a van as possible so rest assured your van is in safe hands with us. 

So why not do the right thing and scrap your van with Scrap A Van today! Memorise this number 01204 323106, you never know when it might come in handy!

Scrap A Van  will always deliver a fair and friendly service.

That’s why we have hundreds of thousands of delighted customers.

Don’t delay, earn money today and scrap your van with Scrap A Van!

Call us on 01204 323106. We look forward to chatting with you!

And if you need JAW Metals, contact them here!