How do I scrap my van?

If you’ve been wondering, “how do I scrap my van?” Scrap A Van have the VANswer – sorry answer!

We buy any van, runner or non-runner and we pay the best prices for scrap vans in the North West.

If you’ve have been scratching your head thinking, “where can I scrap a van near me?” you are on the right page – the right web page!

At Scrap A Van, we can come and collect your van for free. So if you’ve been searching for free van collection in the North West of England we can sort you out.

We’re located in Bolton, and we cover the whole region when it comes to van related issues. Why not call us now on 01204 323106. And don’t be shy as we love a good chinwag!

We buy vans for scrap and we also buy vans for sale too. All you need to do is get in touch and Scrap A Van will take care of everything for you.

You could be wondering, “is there a scrap a van near me?” well yes there is, it’s Scrap A Van!

And understandably you may be wanting to get rid of your scrap van quickly and receive a healthy payout in the process. After all, who wouldn’t want the most dosh for their old van.

So if you’ve been asking yourself, “where can I scrap my van for cash near me?” don’t worry as Scrap A Van can take care of things.


We sort out all the angles when it comes to scrapping or selling a van – or should that be VANgles!

You could be wondering, “how much will I get for my scrap van?” then why not try our virtually instant van quote box. You’ll find it right here on our website. Just key in some basic details, such as your reg, and bingo you could be waving goodbye to your Berlingo is hours!

Scrap A Van can usually collect your van on the same day you decide to get rid. 

You may have been searching for scrap van prices 2020 – just check out our van calculator instead.

Understandably people are always wondering, “where can I scrap my van best price” and why wouldn’t they. After all we all want a decent and fair price for our scrap van. 

The reason Scrap A Van can pay a highly competitive price is because they can often use some van parts in other vans. Scrap A Van want to recycle as much of a van that’s possible. It’s a much greener way than wasting perfectly good working van parts. 

And if you’ve been wondering where a “van scrap yard near me” is don’t worry we have you covered because we can collect you van.

So why not call Scrap A Van today and see how much you could get for your scrap van or van sale. We buy any van, truck and plant machinery. We buy the lot. Call 01204 323106 today.

And if you want to scrap a car, give The Scrappers a nudge. They pay the best prices for scrap cars and cover the whole of the North West.