Has your van failed its MoT?

While vans are renowned for being reliable and tough there may be an issue if your van failed its MoT.

You may have used your van for years without any trouble, but now you’re faced with a vehicle that is uneconomical to repair and you may be looking to earn some money from scrapping it.

Vans suffer lots of wear and tear because firms tend to use them as workhorses but this can lead to rust issues in some vans along with poor suspension and engine problems.

There’s also another potential problem, particularly with older vans, and that’s the fact they may fail the MoT on emissions.

Get cash for your scrap van

These mechanical issues make older vans unattractive to buyers and even if it hasn’t failed its MoT you may struggle to find a buyer and it may just be simpler to get cash for your scrap van instead.

However, there are some things to consider and the main one is that the scrap metal industry is now heavily monitored – not only to cut down on metal theft but also to regulate waste handling effectively.

This means that you must use an authorised treatment facility when scrapping vans or trucks so the process of scrapping is done safely and responsibly and, more importantly for you, in compliance with the law.

Contact a van scrap yard

The first step when scrapping a van is to get the best scrapping price for your vehicle so you will need to contact a van scrap yard to find out what they will offer.

You will need to ask them whether they are an authorised treatment facility and whether they offer a free collection service which will help with the headache of taking the van to a scrapyard and then making your way home again afterwards.

Also, there’s no set value when scrapping a vehicle and the prices will vary and a lot depends on the vehicle’s quality.

The authorised scrap yard will also be able to inform DVLA that the van has been scrapped and you are no longer legally responsible for it.

If you would like more information about how to scrap a van, particularly if your van has failed its MoT, then it’s time to contact the friendly Scrap a Van team to see how much your scrap vehicle is worth on 01204 323106.