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Why waste time when you are searching with the term ‘scrap my van for cash’ which may mean visiting various scrap yard websites or calling them which is a time-consuming task.

You can spend your time doing other things and the easy way of earning the best scrap price for your van is to simply contact the Scrap A Van team.

That’s because Scrap A Van make the process of scrapping your unwanted vehicle easy and they have a network of reputable agents around the country working on their behalf so they can offer a great price for your van and pick it up at a time to suit you.

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Sell my van for scrap

One of the reasons why you need to use Scrap A Van when you want to ‘sell my van for scrap’ is that you will need to comply with various laws and regulations.

This means it’s really important to use Scrap A Van as they are an authorised treatment facility so its activities are monitored by the Environment Agency.

This means that any harmful oils are carefully disposed of without harming our environment and spare parts from the van will be recycled.

It’s this issue of recycling parts that help the Scrap A Van team offer the best scrap van prices UK for your unwanted vehicle because there is a strong demand from their customers to buy parts for repairing their own vans.

Demand for these second-hand van parts is coming from a growing number of customers in the UK and also from overseas and the Scrap A Van recycles hundreds of vans every year for meeting this need.

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In addition, if your van has reached the end of its life or has failed its MoT – and you want to earn cash quickly – then you need to get in touch and you might find us using the term ‘scrap a van near me’.

That’s because the Scrap A Van team will pay directly into your bank account when they pick up your van and you can use the money to buy a replacement.

There’s also another important point to appreciate because only an authorised treatment facility will be able to hand you a certificate of destruction that is proof you have legally disposed of your van.

You may find a scrap yard offering slightly more and wanting to pay cash but this payment will be illegal and they won’t be able to give you the certificate.

This may be an issue if the scrap yard removes the valuable parts and then dumps what is left of your van for you to deal with.

You can avoid this potentially expensive situation and deal with the Scrap A Van team when you search for scrap my van for cash by calling (01204) 323106.