Find Mercedes Sprinter scrap yards the easy way!

If you are searching for Mercedes Sprinter scrap yards and want to earn the best price for your scrap van, then this article will help.

Essentially, you should get in touch with the Scrap A Van team who will offer you the best price for your unwanted van.

Not only do they have an online scrap van calculator for you to find out quickly how much your Mercedes Sprinter is worth, but they also offer a free scrap van collection service.

This may be important because the team will accept vans in any condition and if your Sprinter is unable to go on public roads, it may be an MOT failure, for instance, then this free pickup service will be of huge help.

sell my van for scrap
‘Sell my van for scrap’ – call Scrap A Van today on 01204 323106.

Sell my van for scrap

When you want to sell my van for scrap, you will find from an online search – using the term ‘Mercedes Sprinter breakers near me’ for example – that lots of scrapyards will be presented.

You should be careful in selecting who scraps your van because you will need to use an authorised treatment facility.

The facility is an Environment Agency-monitored scrap yard that will legally depollute and then dispose of your scrap Sprinter.

In addition, only an Authorised Treatment Facility is able to give you a certificate of destruction which is legal proof that you have disposed of your scrap van properly.

Not having the certificate means you may be held liable for what happens to your scrap van once it leaves your hands. If it ends up on the roadside, then it may be your problem to deal with.

Scrap my van for cash

The other problem when looking to scrap my van for cash is that it’s no longer legally possible for a scrap yard to pay hard cash for your unwanted van.

This law has been in place for some time now, but you may find a scrap yard offering money regardless of this so you will need to avoid dealing with them even though they may offer slightly more than other scrap yards.

It’s always worth contacting the Scrap A Van team because vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter will command a premium so you will earn good money from them.

One reason for this is that there is a strong demand for van spare parts from customers overseas and in the UK that the Scrap A Van team is striving to meet and they scrap lots of vans every week.

More importantly, they can pick up your van from anywhere in the country, so for those who are looking for reputable Mercedes Sprinter scrap yards, then the Scrap A Van team will meet all of your needs.