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Where can I get the most money for a van near Manchester?

Hey man, need to sell your van? Well, here’s the plan, contact Scrap A Van! We might be naff poets, but when it comes to vans.. we know it! So rhyming may not be our strong point – but we certainly do know a thing or two about vans. And whether you’re wanting to scrap […]

Scrap my truck near Manchester

Trucks, we love trucks. At Scrap a Van Web Chat we want to buy scrapped trucks too. Trucks are wonderful. And truckers do a great job. They deliver essential items globally. But like everything, a truck will eventually see better days. And when that happens, it’s time to speak with Scrap A Van.  Scrap a […]

Who pays the highest price for a used van near me?

Have you ever wondered where you can get the best prices paid for scrap vans? Parting with your old van can feel a bit painful, that’s why to soften the blow, Scrap A Van can offer you the highest price for your scrap van. In fact, we can offer you a handsome offer for a […]