Scrap Your Van at Best Price With Us

Vans and cars need to be scrapped over a period of time. If “scrap my van for cash” is on your mind then all you need to do is to get in touch with us as we are the best and the most reliable van scrapper in the UK. Whether it is Twickenham or Wembley, whether it’s a match day or a winter day our team of technicians are always busy collecting unused and damaged vans which are not suitable for the road. We make sure to provide the best deal to the sellers.

Whether it is old tyres,van seats,internal spare parts or simply wiring we make use of every bit of your scrap van. It’s always recommended not to remove any parts of your van as it will lower the value of your scrap van. If you are in doubt about how to scrap my van for cash, then you can visit us and our team of technicians will inspect your van and offer the best possible price. We can immediately provide you cash for your van through bank transfer after we verify documents, etc.

Many times, we have seen people not selling their unused or scrap van and just keeping it in their garages or parking area, in such a scenario you are only decreasing the value of your van. Scrap van value completely depends upon the condition of the van,history of the vehicle, international prices of the scrap metal, model, brand name and spare parts. We have experienced and professional team who can do a thorough check on your van and based on the same can calculate the value of your scrap van. We are known to offer fair and best prices of your vans.

We buy everything to anything, whether your van is a working condition or not, we buy vans in all conditions. We are the largest buyers of scrap yard in North West. We buy all types of vans including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit to small vans like Berlingos. We are a certified and authorised treatment facility, WAMITAB approved. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you will get the best deal. Your van will be scraped professionally and you can be rest assured of getting the best scrap van value.

Not only do we do our job professionally but also help safe guarding the environment, therefore we try our level best to recycle and resell every bit of your scrapped van. We also have a facility of checking the price of your van online .You would be able to get a ball park figure, if you would like to know the exact value then you can visit us anytime to get a quote and immediate cash for your van through bank transfer.

Things to Keep in Mind While Scrapping a Van

Don’t get disheartened, if your van is no more in working order. A vehicle never gets sold at a zero-value price even if it’s been severely damaged in an accident or is detrimental to be driven on road. Why we say that is because,if you feel it’s not worth to get your unused van repaired in order to get it back to working condition, then the best way to get some money out of it is by talking with a reputed and certified van scrapyard.

Scrap my van Bolton will be able to value your damaged van and tell you how much it’s worth. The value depends on variety of factors such as the price of the scrap metal in the international market, the peripherals and parts, history of the vehicle etc. You can sell any make of van to them including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro, etc

The best part about van Scrapyard is that, if your van is not in a drivable condition, then you don’t have to worry about getting it to the scrapyard, in fact the scrap my van Boltonteam will do the needful and will pick the van from your place.

While negotiating the price for your scrap car, it is wise to be completely honest about the condition of the van which would help you in getting the best value for your van. Depending upon the circumstances and the condition of the van, van scrapyards will try to quote you the best possible price. Secondly do not try to take out internal van parts, in order to sell at auction site. This would not only provide you with unnecessary stress but may also reduce the overall value of your scrap van.

We at offer the best possible price for the van, keeping in mind all the usable parts and the price of the shell. If you are concerned about internal parts of the van and wish to disclose something about them, feel free to discuss it with out team, together they would be able to provide you with best possible solution.

In order to find how much your scrap van is worth in Bolton Preston, Wigan, Manchester, Bury, and other cities get in touch with on (01204) 323106 or use their free online scrap van instant quotation service. We are also available on WhatsApp.

Van Scrapping Yard Offers Great Deals for Your Wheels

Covid-19 has led to unprecedented times for various industries. The whole automobile industry was shut for a few months, and van sales have also dropped in the past few months. The shipping of van parts has been affected because of the pandemic situation as most of the factories were closed. But the used van parts sales have gone up in recent months. Now, if you are looking to buy a new car or van, and have a damaged van in your parking, you can sell your scrap van for cash. We immediately do bank transfer once the deal is finalized with the customer so that they get instant cash in their bank account. is one of the largest buyers of scrap vans in the North West, buying different models of vans every week. We have a vast scrap van collection and wespecialize in breaking vans for parts.

Be it Berlingos, Ford Transits, or any other van; we will always try and pay the best scrap van price.

Our vehicle valuation team is one of the most popular because:

  • We do an accurate evaluation of your van and offer the best price
  • We let you choose a suitable time and location for the collection of your van.
  • Our team tries to bring your scrap van to our yard as soon as possible.
  • We will send our professional driver to your site.

We are also known for paying a competitive price for all end of life and damaged vans. We know how to use old vehicles for scrapping purposes without harming the environment by following the latest environmental procedures. 

We have a vast stock of quality used van spares and scrap van collection in our scrap van yard.

Scrapping will not only benefit you economically, but will also be beneficial for the environment as it is an eco-friendly procedure. If you have an unwanted van in your backyard, then it’s time to get rid of it. Scrapping is an effective and most convenient way to sell your scrap van.

It is essential to maintain the norms and follow social distancing during these times. Don’t worry about visiting the yard to sell your old van. Our agents and staff are present in various cities across UK. We can come to your doorstep, inspect the value of your van and pick up immediately after verifying documents.

Give us a call or book your appointment online. Our experienced agents will immediately schedule a van inspection and visit your place. Contact us today and know the best value of your van. 

How to Sell Your Unused Van in this Pandemic

Van sales have decreased this year due to global pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic can further decline the total number of van sales this year. Various showrooms are starting to open but with lot of conditions. The new social distancing rules need to be maintained everywhere. In such a scenario, you can get lot of offers on buying a new van now. But you need to scrap your unused van first, Right?If your van has reached the end of its life or is damaged in an accident, then you must get it scrapped at an authorized treatment facility or at a vans scrap yard. Infact, the prices of metals have started dropping due to coronavirus. Therefore, it is important to sell your scrap van now to get the best price.

Think of another way, where could you dispose your scrap van or unusedvan. Also, you will like to get best value for your unused van and that too by maintaining social distancing in the current Covid 19 pandemic. Authorized treatment facilities (ATF)or vans scrap yard are licensed by the government and they ensure they are meeting safety, quality and sustainability. By scrapping your van to an authorized treatment facility, you are ensuring your safety during the current global pandemic. The process at an ATF is smooth &hassle-free. is an authorized treatment facility and we adhere to safety guidelines for our clients and employees. We are the largest buyer of scrap vans in North West and we offer best price for scrap vans. We buy all kinds of vans including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter and many other kinds of vans. We buy vans for scrap across the United Kingdom and can arrange a pick up from any place.

You can contact us on phone, WhatsApp or online. We will immediately schedule an inspection after we receive the details.

If you are running low on cash during this rough time, scrapping your unused van is the best solution. We can immediately transfer money into your bank account.  It’s time to get rid of that unwanted van that has been using extra space in your garage. Contact us today and get best value for your unused van. 

Interested in selling your van for scrap at best price, call us at 01204 323106

Benefits of Selling Scrap Van to an Authorized Scrapping Company

Scrapping a van does not seem like a big deal these days, does it? After all, if you run a simple online search about it, you will be inundated with thousands of results, and most of those results will have company names with vans scrap yard in your area. So, can you simply just choose anyone among these options and give them the responsibility?

The answer to that is a big no because when you are thinking about scrapping your van, you need the help of an authorized scrapping company for the following reasons.

Get best price for your scrap van

A reputed van scrap yard will always pay you best price for your unused van. They have a very systematic and transparent process. When you approach an authorized and certified scrap van yard, they will do detailed check of your van, based on the same they will offer you a fair price for your van.

An unauthorized dealer may not follow environmental protocol

A company involved in scrapping the van should follow proper environmental protocols. These protocols guide everything from scrapping the van, reusing the parts, to disposing of the wastes, etc. You don’t want to damage the environment around you and therefore you will always like your van to be scrapped by a certified company.

Get Instant money for your scrap van

Apart from getting the best price for our unused or scrap van, we also want that we should get the money immediately. It goes by the famous saying- A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. A good and reputed van scrap yard will instantly transfer money to your bank account after the deal has been finalized. This is the best part as we all can then re-use or re-invest the money as per our need.

Why choose Scrap A Van?

Well, as we discussed, we must choose a reliable and reputed scrap yard to sell our vans. Scrap A Van is a trustworthy destination. Our clients trust us for-

  • We are the largest buyers of scrap vans in the North West, buying many different models of vans every week. We all kids of van including Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter and lots more.
  • We care for environment and re-use vans in environment friendly ways. 
  • Our vehicle evaluation team is highly experienced and always offer you fair price for your scrap van.
  • We have been in business for 40 years and you can find us on various social media’s including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • We buy all kinds of vans, bikes and cars.
  • We the most reputed buyers and seller of scrap vans across UK.

So, if you are interested in scrapping your van in Bolton, Blackburn, Stockport, Preston, Manchester, Wigan, Bury, Bolton or other nearby cities across UK , feel free to contact us.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Scrap Van Buying Company

We all know vans after certain duration become junk, they don’t give good mileage and you might have to spend too much on repairs. It can do nothing much now except sit at the corner of your garage and gather dust or sell your van as scrap. So, instead of letting your van do nothing but occupy a lot of space, you can simply sell it to a company that takes in a scrap van for sale. But while choosing such a company, make sure that it ticks the following boxes.

Gives you the right price according to market conditions

It is always a good idea to research a bit on the present market price offered for the old vans like yours. Now, factor in the amount of damage that your van has undergone. You will be able to get reasonable price for your van. Any company that pays you way less than the right prices is not the one you should go for.

Picks up your van from a previously agreed location

The Scrap Van Company should have an option to pick your van from the specified location.  At times, your van might not even be in a condition where you can drive it and you will need assistance. Go with the company who provide this option and are flexible enough to pick your scrap van as per your suitable date and time.

Agrees to buy van in any condition

So, you have been wondering about whom to rely on to sell scrap my van in Bolton, Wigan, Manchester or any other city in United Kingdom and you’ve finally found the place. We at buy vans in any condition. Call us or contact us online so that we can review the condition of your van before offering you the price. And if you agree we immediately offer you cash for your van after necessary documentation.

Uses environmentally sound methods for disposal

Finally, you will also have to keep an eye out to make sure that the company, who buys your scrap van, uses environmentally viable techniques for the disposal of the van. You will not want it to add to the ever-increasing burden of wastes and pollution that the world is already suffering from.

If you found a company that ticks all of these four boxes, make sure you don’t let them go. They are your best bet when you want to scrap van for sale.  Call us at 01204.323.106 or visit us online to get best value for scrap my van Bolton, Wigan, Manchester or any other city across UK.

Do you need a Ford Transit breakers yard?

For anyone needing a Ford Transit breakers yard, then you need the expert offering from Scrap A Van.

Along with Ford Transits, the friendly team is also looking for vans of all ages and condition to pay the best prices for scrapping them.

The team is also interested in Volkswagen Transporters and Mercedes Sprinters along with Citroen Berlingos – indeed any van that needs scrapping we are interested in!

One reason why the team pays the best prices for your Ford Transit is that there is a strong demand for Transit spare parts that they need to meet.

scrap my van near me
The Scrap A Van team offer a network to help those wanting to ‘scrap my van near me’. Call us on 01204 323106.

Ford Transit scrap van spare parts

Indeed, this need for Ford Transit scrap van spare parts comes not only from the UK, there’s also growing demand from customers overseas as well.

Now, the Scrap A Van team is scrapping lots of different models of vans every day of the week.

And since the team specialise in breaking vans for their spare parts means they want vans of all types.

Along with an online valuation tool to find out how much your scrap van may be worth, you can also contact the team directly to get a price and then arrange for a free collection.

While the Scrap A Van team are the largest buyers of unwanted vans in the North West, they are able to pick up your vehicle wherever it is in the country.

Leading van breakers yard

And as a leading van breakers yard, the Scrap A Van team is not just looking for scrap vans but also accident damaged ones and those vans that have reached the end of their life.

You’ll be reassured that your van will be disposed of in accordance with the latest environmental procedures and as many of the parts that can be removed will be.

That’s because we are an authorised treatment facility so our work is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure we meet all of the relevant laws and regulations.

And with hundreds of vans coming through the yard on a monthly basis, there is a good stock list of used Ford Transit parts in particular that may be suitable for you to repair your own van.

If you would like more information about dealing with a reputable Ford Transit breakers yard, then you need to contact Scrap A Van today on 01204 323106.

Scrap my van near me TODAY!

For those who want to ‘scrap my van near me’, then you are probably searching for local scrap vehicle quotes but there’s an easier way of going about this.

Regardless of the age and condition of your van, you should ask the Scrap A Van team how much they are willing to pay for your van and then, if you like the price, arrange for a free collection.

The service is easy-to-use and available wherever you are in the country, so your van could be cluttering up your driveway at home or at work or it is at the garage where it has failed its MOT and is too expensive to repair. We will pick up your scrap van for free at a time and place convenient to you.

That may not be the same offering when you search for a nearby van scrap yard and they may not be able to pick up your van and they may not be offering the best prices, even if they are able to do so.

scrap your van for cash
Need tips when you scrap your van for cash? Call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106.

Contact a van scrap yard

The best way to contact a van scrap yard for the best prices is to use the Scrap A Van online facility, so you simply enter your registration and some contact details and get a free quote.

We will use your van registration to find the make and model on the DVLA database for its age.

The Scrap A Van team will then use the DVLA’s information to calculate how much your van weighs to work out how much scrap metal is available and then determine the price.

Along with this, Scrap A Van pays more because we have a strong demand from customers wanting quality van spare parts and we need your van to meet this need.

Searching for scrap van buyers near me

There’s also another big issue to consider if you’re searching for ‘scrap van buyers near me’ and it’s an important one.

Essentially, you need to be aware that by accepting cash from a van scrap yard for your unwanted van will mean you are breaking the law.

That’s because you cannot pay for a scrap vehicle with cash and you must instead be paid directly into your bank account or be offered a business cheque.

With the Scrap A Van offering, not only will you earn the best prices for your scrap van, but you’ll be dealing with experts to ensure your vehicle is properly depolluted and any parts that can be recycled will be.

If you would like more information about how you can ‘scrap my van near me today’ and deal with the experts who pay the best prices, then you need to contact the Scrap A Van team today.

Best prices paid when you scrap a van for cash

The Scrap A Van team are proud to say they pay the best prices when you scrap a van for cash, regardless of your van’s condition.

Essentially, the team will look at your van’s make and model, its condition and age and whether it’s sought-after.

There’s no doubt that some vans are more popular than others when it comes to sourcing spare van parts which means we are particularly interested in, for example:

  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter

However, we are interested in all makes and models of vans, whether it’s an MOT failure or has been damaged in a crash or written off by an insurance firm.

Scrap a Van get the best price when scrapping a van.
Need to scrap my van near me? You need Scrap A Van.

Scrap your van

While many van owners may decide to repair their van themselves, it may not be worth spending the time and money doing so – and this is when you should scrap your van.

You can use the cash to buy a newer van instead.

And when you deal with the Scrap A Van team, you will not only earn the best price but will be reassured that your scrap van will go through a depollution process and as much of it will be recycled as possible.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Firstly, Scrap A Van is an authorised treatment facility which complies with legal guidelines on scrapping vehicles
  • There is a strong demand for van spare parts that the team need to meet so most of these items will be removed.

Scrap vans near me

When you need to find a firm to ‘scrap vans near me’ you can use the online form or contact the team directly and you need to tell us whether your van is special, for example, it is refrigerated or may not have wheels.

Also, you should not remove any spare parts beforehand which will affect the price being quoted and you should remove your personal belongings because it may be difficult to return them after the van has been picked up.

When the friendly agent, or the Scrap A Van team turn up for your van, you will be paid directly into your bank account and you will receive a certificate of destruction to prove you have legally disposed of your scrap van.

If you want the best prices when you scrap a van for cash, then you need to contact the friendly Scrap A Van today to find out how much your van is worth on (01204) 323106.

We need scrap vans for cash

Let’s get straight to the point of this article: We need scrap vans for cash because there’s a growing demand for van spare parts that we need to fulfil.

This also means that the Scrap A Van offering will pay the best price so you don’t have to trawl around various scrapyards in a bid to find the best deal.

This can be time-consuming and you’ll be wasting time when the price you get from us will be hard to beat.

Also, the Scrap A Van offering is available to any scrap van owner wanting to their vehicle in the anywhere in the country because we use a network of experienced and friendly agents for picking-up your van and pay on the spot.

scrap my van near me
The Scrap A Van team offer a network to help those wanting to ‘scrap my van near me’. Call us on 01204 323106.

Sell my van for scrap

When you want to ‘sell my van for scrap’, the money will be paid directly into your bank account and you should not deal with any scrap yards offering to pay hard cash when they pick up your van. That’s because it’s now illegal to do so.

You will also be reassured that you are dealing with a professional van scrapping service that’s also an authorised treatment facility so we are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure we comply with the van scrapping laws.

You should avoid using any scrapyard wanting to buy your van that is not an ATF because you will not receive a certificate of destruction.

While this may not sound too important, it is this certificate that provides legal proof that you have disposed of your van legally.

Scrap your van for cash

Essentially, when you scrap your van for cash, the van scrapping process is similar to that for scrapping a car.

You simply contact the Scrap A Van team to get the price for your van, arrange a time to pick it up and we take care of the rest.

We turn up at a time to suit you, pay directly into your bank account and deal with the paperwork as well.

When agreeing a price, you need to be honest about the condition of the van and not remove any parts beforehand – though the Scrap A Van team will take damaged vans in any condition.

If you want to deal with a firm urgently looking for scrap vans for cash and earn the best price when doing so, then you need to contact the friendly team at Scrap A Van today on (01204) 323106.