Best prices paid when you scrap a van for cash

The Scrap A Van team are proud to say they pay the best prices when you scrap a van for cash, regardless of your van’s condition.

Essentially, the team will look at your van’s make and model, its condition and age and whether it’s sought-after.

There’s no doubt that some vans are more popular than others when it comes to sourcing spare van parts which means we are particularly interested in, for example:

  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter

However, we are interested in all makes and models of vans, whether it’s an MOT failure or has been damaged in a crash or written off by an insurance firm.

Scrap a Van get the best price when scrapping a van.
Need to scrap my van near me? You need Scrap A Van.

Scrap your van

While many van owners may decide to repair their van themselves, it may not be worth spending the time and money doing so – and this is when you should scrap your van.

You can use the cash to buy a newer van instead.

And when you deal with the Scrap A Van team, you will not only earn the best price but will be reassured that your scrap van will go through a depollution process and as much of it will be recycled as possible.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Firstly, Scrap A Van is an authorised treatment facility which complies with legal guidelines on scrapping vehicles
  • There is a strong demand for van spare parts that the team need to meet so most of these items will be removed.

Scrap vans near me

When you need to find a firm to ‘scrap vans near me’ you can use the online form or contact the team directly and you need to tell us whether your van is special, for example, it is refrigerated or may not have wheels.

Also, you should not remove any spare parts beforehand which will affect the price being quoted and you should remove your personal belongings because it may be difficult to return them after the van has been picked up.

When the friendly agent, or the Scrap A Van team turn up for your van, you will be paid directly into your bank account and you will receive a certificate of destruction to prove you have legally disposed of your scrap van.

If you want the best prices when you scrap a van for cash, then you need to contact the friendly Scrap A Van today to find out how much your van is worth on (01204) 323106.