Best Place To Scrap A Van

VANS; aren’t they utterly VANdabar!

Anyone who owns a camper van right now must be thanking their lucky stars. 

With ‘staycations’ the most likely option for folk seeking holidays this year, camper van and motorhome owners must be living their best life right now.

From pop-top campervans, high top campervans to classic camper vans like the quintessential WV campervan. The world is literally your oyster when you own a campervan – or at least England is your oyster right now!

The same goes for motorhomes and caravans. From conventional caravans to twin axle caravans, to tiny teardrop trailers and pop-top caravans. 

From fifth wheelers to folding caravans and tiny GRP caravans – there’s so much choice for the holiday van enthusiast.

But what happens if your caravan, motorhome or campervan has had its better days.

Perhaps you’re thinking of trading up and want to bid adios to your current van.

Then you need to get in contact with Scrap A Van who will take any type of van off your hands. We’re not just talking recreational vans either, we deal with every make and model of van you can think of… and the ones you can’t! 

So if you’re looking to oust that van of yours VANder on down here. Let us take it off your hands for a top notch payout in return. Actually, you don’t need to come to us – we will come to you and collect your van.


Scrap A Van offers the best deals on scrapping a van. So if the following thought, “where can I scrap my campervan?” is circulating in your brain you need not let it flurry around your mind any longer. You can simply pick up the phone and dial 01204 323106. That will let you find out the value of your van in seconds. You might be thinking, “how much is my campervan worth?” a question Scrap A Van can easily tell you over the phone or via our quick quoting calculator on this very website

Alternatively, you may be keeping your pride and joy campervan firmly on the road but it needs a few tweaks here and there. Perhaps there’s parts that could do with replacing due to normal wear and tear. If that’s the case Scrap A Van can help – we stock a huge range of spare van parts from gearsticks to engines, to seats and radios. 


All our spare van parts are quality spare van parts at affordable prices. Scrap A Van wants to keep van drivers on the road for as little shell out as possible, why pay more when you can pay less!

But that’s certainly not the case when it comes to paying you the best price for scrapping a van. If you’re thinking, “who pays most for scrap vans?” or “best place to scrap a van” then come and deal with the Scrap A Van team. We offer the best deal on scrap vans because we salvage van parts that can be used in other vans, that’s why our rates are competitive.

So get the best deal on your scrap van today, choose Scrap A Van Bolton – even if you’re not from Bolton as we collect vans from far and wide!

Or to scrap a car contact The Scrappers here.