5 tips to sell my van for scrap

There are a number of helpful tips for when you want to sell my van for scrap and here the Scrap A Van team explain more.

It’s important to appreciate that you should comply with the relevant laws when it comes to disposing of an unwanted van, so you should only deal with reputable scrapyards.

Tip number one

When you need to scrap a van, ensure that the scrapyard is an authorised treatment facility. While this may not be an important point when another firm is offering more cash, it will be important because you need to prove that you have to disposed of your van legally.

The only way to do this for the DVLA is to have a certificate of destruction and only an authorised treatment facility is able to give you this.

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Tip number two

Never accept cash. It’s now illegal for a scrap yard to pay cash for your scrap van and instead they must pay directly into your bank account or give you a cheque.

This is also an indicator as to whether you are dealing with a reputable outfit when you want to scrap your van for cash.

Tip number three

Remove all of your tools and personal belongings from your scrap van because after you hand it over, it’s unlikely you’ll be to get those items back.

Tip number four

Get the best price. You could spend time searching online using ‘scrap my van today’ and calling various scrapyards to get the best price for your unwanted van. But one simple and quick phone call to the Scrap A Van team will reveal that they are offering the best prices for your scrap van and they can arrange collection at a time and location to suit you. This means they can either pick it up from your home or from your place of work.

This is also a great opportunity if you have a fleet of vans that you are looking to scrap and invest the money from them in new vehicles as the Scrap A Van team are very keen to hear from you, if that’s the case.

Tip number five

Don’t be tempted to remove any of the parts from your scrap van, even though a mate may say this is the best way of earning more money for it. It probably isn’t.

One reason why Scrap A Van pay a good price is that they will be recycling as much of your van as is possible, so the spare parts will be sold on to customers in the UK and overseas who are looking for quality parts. If you remove the parts beforehand, you will be affecting the price of the van and it’s important that if you do that then must tell the scrapyard what you have done.

That’s because they may decline to pick up your van because it’s not worth their while doing so, and you’ll be left with the problem of taking it to a scrapyard instead.

If you want to deal with a reputable van scrap yard and earn the best price for your scrap van, then it’s time to contact the Scrap A Van team today on (01204) 323106.