5 great tips when you scrap vans for cash

If you are looking for great tips when you scrap vans for cash, then this article will help you.

Firstly, it’s important that you carry out research before scrapping your vehicle and the Scrap A Van team can help with any advice or information you may be looking for.

This means you will get the best price possible for your unwanted van, but also other tips you need to take on board too. These will include:

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1 Scrap your entire van

You may have a friend or colleague tell you that you can earn more by removing certain parts and selling them separately before scrapping your van. This information is not true. Firstly, you’ll need to go to a lot of time and trouble and have the necessary tools to remove the parts and then spend time selling them and sending the parts off.

You will then be left with a scrap vehicle that may not be worth anything to a scrap yard, so its value has been greatly reduced. It was probably worth more as an entire van and the Scrap A Van team would have paid cash for van.

2 Tell DVLA

It’s important that the DVLA knows you have legally disposed of your scrap van and the best way to do this is to use an authorised treatment facility, such as the Scrap A Van offering, as they will give you a certificate of destruction to prove you have scrapped your van legally.

They will also tell the DVLA so you will not be legally responsible for your unwanted scrap van.

3 Call it a day

If you have an old van and it is racking up large repair bills, it’s probably time to consider scrapping it.

You can use the scrap money to invest in a new one, rather than pouring money into a vehicle that has no resale value.

4 Be careful

As part of your research to find a scrap yard interested in vans bought for scrap, you should only use those that are authorised treatment facilities because they will pay money directly into your bank account.

This is an important point because it’s now illegal to accept cash when scrapping your van and while you may get slightly more, you may be left with legal issues such as having to pay parking and speeding tickets that the rogue scrap firm then racks up.

5 Get the best scrap van price

When researching, you should contact several scrap yards advertising online with ‘Best prices paid for Vans’ to see how much your van is worth in scrap, but also add the Scrap A Van team to your shortlist which will help ensure that you will earn the best price possible.

Not only will Scrap A Van pay the best price, but they are also able to organise a scrap van collection at a time and location to suit you.

For more help and information when you scrap vans for cash, then you need to speak with the Scrap A Van team on 01204 323106.