3 tips when you scrap your van for cash

When it comes to getting advice to scrap your van for cash, then it will pay to speak with the Scrap A Van team.

With years of experience in the van salvage industry, the team offer the best prices for unwanted vans and can arrange a free collection too. This brings us to the first tip.

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Tip 1

When it comes to scrapping your van for cash, you can find out how much it’s worth by using the Scrap A Van online valuation tool.

This is a quick and easy way to find out by entering a few details to discover what your van is worth.

Tip 2

Getting paid for scrapping your van means you need to be aware that the law on receiving cash has changed. Essentially, you will not be handed cash and instead the agent will pay directly into your bank account using a bank transfer or a business cheque.

You need to be aware that any van scrapping firm offering cash for your unwanted van is breaking the law. Also, you will be liable for anything that happens after you hand your van over and you may end up being fined should your van be dumped on a verge.

That’s because you need to use a salvage firm that’s an authorised treatment facility to ensure that your van is disposed of legally and safely, so it is properly depolluted so the oils and battery are removed.

Tip 3

When contacting a van scrapping firm you need to be honest when you tell them about the state of your van. If it is old with a high mileage, then say so because the scrapper is offering a price from the description you give.

If they turn up and the van is not as described, then this will affect the amount being paid. It’s also worthwhile mentioning if the van has any extra features such as alloy wheels or is a refrigerated van.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to scrapping a van, it can be a time consuming process when sourcing the best price from a van scrapping firm and then organising a pickup at a time to suit you. It’s also important that the pickup is free and that the scrapping firm has no hidden fees or charges when they take your van off your hands.

For those firms in London or who drive into the centre of the capital on a regular basis, then you will be aware that the rules have changed and for older polluting vehicles, which tend to be old vans, then you will be paying more for the privilege.

If you or your business is affected by Ulez – the ultra low emission zone in London – then you need to contact Scrap A Van to arrange a price for your unwanted vehicle.

For anybody else who is searching for tips on how to scrap their van for cash, then you need to contact the Scrap A Van team on (01204) 323106.