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How do I scrap my van?

If you’ve been wondering, “how do I scrap my van?” Scrap A Van have the VANswer – sorry answer! We buy any van, runner or non-runner and we pay the best prices for scrap vans in the North West. If you’ve have been scratching your head thinking, “where can I scrap a van near me?” […]

Value my van by registration

Have you ever wanted to value your van by registration? Have you ever wondered, “where can I value my van by registration?” Then as luck would have it, you’ve found the right website! Scrap A Van can give you a quote in seconds and you can do it online using our handy van valuator right […]

Where is the best place to sell my van near me?

Have you been searching for the best place to sell your van? May be you’ve been wondering, “where is the best place to sell my van near me?” Or maybe you’ve been scratching your head, “who buys second hand vans near me?” Perhaps you’ve been thinking, “who will give me the best price for my […]

Where can I get the most money for my scrap van?

At Scrap A Van, we don’t just welcome scrap vans, gosh no – we welcome all vans with open arms. If you’re the owner of a perfectly functional van that you wish to sell, come speak to us. At Scrap A Van we buy any van, any van you can think of. From work vans […]

Sell My Van For Best Price

LET’S discuss our favourite topic – vans! The work van, the camper van, the ice cream van – they’re all VANderful! And needless to say with us being called Scrap A Van we wants vans! But it’s not just scrap vans we’re after. We will also buy vans that run tickety boo too! That’s because […]

Scrap My Vivaro Near Me

Calling all Vauxhall Vivaro drivers – is your van ready to go down the pan? Is it on its last legs? Maybe you can’t even get it started anymore. Or the handles have fallen off the door. You may have been involved in an accident and you’re thinking, “where can I sell my accident damaged […]

Sell my Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Manchester

VAN drivers of Great Britain.. what’s your favourite medium sized panel van? Is there a particular model you’d choose any working day of the week? If you’re a van man, or woman, having the right wheels for work matter. But like everything in life, nothing lasts forever. You may be the owner of a Ford […]